Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FREE Grocery Store Printables for the Kiddos

Hi friends!

I've created some fun and FREE printables for your trips to the grocery store.

This first printable is for the littles. I've made them colorful. My suggestion is to print all of these printables and then laminate. Throw a dry erase marker in your purse and you're good to go. You can use them over and over and over. I know how those little kids are. It might even become a favorite activity at the grocery store (other than rearranging your cart).

(click on the pictures...the links will take you to googledocs)

The next printable uses environmental print. I used environmental print when I taught quite a bit. It's amazing what those littles can absorb just by providing them an print rich environment.

This next printable is for kiddos who are reading. It is a Grocery Scavenger Hunt. Complete with a sleepy owl.

 The last printable (this go around) is actually two pages....even though I only have the picture of one. It is a grocery store find that is a bit more involved. It has a place not only for the item (which requires a bit of hunting), but a place for the price and unit price or price per pound. I also put a place to write the down the location, department or aisle the item was found. 

I hope you find these helpful. Happy Shopping! 



  1. These are great! Just thought you would want to know that your 1st list, the littles grocery list, loads as the environmental print list. Thanks for making such fun things.

    1. Thank you! I will take care of that.

    2. It still loads the wrong list. The environmental print list is great.

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