Friday, October 26, 2007

Battle of the Bulge

I had pizza this morning for breakfast. Not necessarily the healthiest choice for anyone, let alone someone who struggles with extra weight and diabetes. Breakfast food usually doesn't appeal to me. I would rather have lunch or supper. Sure I can eat an egg...with cheese, onion and mixed with some hashbrowns. I don't have horrible eating habits, but they could be better. I used to want to write a book entitled "You skinny people shut up...You know squat." I felt completely justified in writing such a book. After all, I had been a skinny person for most of my life. When I started gaining weight I was greatly offended. What's more is that I wasn't really sure how to combat the extra pounds that were attaching themselves to my petite frame. I really wasn't all that into exercise...I would rather read a book. I tell's all a battle. I had to learn to walk again after a near fatal car accident and I can tell you this is much harder! Hey...take a step here and big deal. This weight loss stuff is tough. Oh well. Enough whining. One day (and needs to be like today) I'll put as much energy into this battle as I do with other challenges in my life. My husband still loves me. He thinks I'm cute. Jiggling flesh and all. sigh. So here I sit...confessing my pizza breakfast to the world wide web. Does the fact that it had mushrooms, peppers and onions help any? No...don't tell me.

I thought in honor of my confessions this morning that I would post this particular youtube video of one of my favorite Christian Comedians, Ken Davis. You got to laugh, right?

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