Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rankin and Bass Come Home

So I have been messing around with my blogspot here. Unfortunately, I messed around without paying attention and deleted most of my little widgets. Hah! Laugh if you will, but I spent time and energy putting all of those little widgets in place. My poor little widgets. Now I have to go find new ones. For who wants a naked blog! One of the first things I did was create a new music box. I think I have 3 or 4 different accounts on the playlist site. I can never remember what email or username I used. I had fun. For those of you (especially those who have really ever known me as sister pastor) astonished at some of my choices of music please keep in mind that I am a bit fruity. But these are some of my fav's of all time. Except for a few. It was late when I was digging around the playlist site and I added a few of Mozart's I really don't care for. The Queen of the Aria (or whoever she is) wound up there by mistake and I couldn't figure out how to properly remove her. So please feel free to move on down the list.

In other news, I went and had dinner with my besty from High School, Lavonna. Bless her heart. The only child in her home is her 15 year old step daughter. She was treated to all of my dear son's exhibitionist tendancies. He does show out. If he wasn't so stinkin' cute it would be a problem. She did treat us to cashew chicken...which is like my favorite food in the whole wide world. After dinner, Josiah and I went to Sam's Club did some impulse shopping. In my defense, I did attempt to call Troy at work to see if we could swing it. But, I just couldn't help myself. One of the traditions Troy and I developed years and years ago B.J. (before Josiah) was that we decorated our Christmas tree while watching all the old Rankin-Bass Christmas know the ones. Santa Claus is coming to town...Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Anyhoo, when we made the final switch to DVD all of our Christmas VHS tapes were obviously no longer watchable. Josiah watched at least 2 of them when we got home. He's hooked. It's pretty neat when your child falls in love with something that was part of your childhood. Wonder if he'll feel the same way about The Cosby's, Little House and the Smurfs.

Well...I better get to bed. I've really enjoyed my unemployed situation so far. My house is cleaner, we've had real food to eat and I'm actually getting to do a few things I enjoy putting all those little widgets in my blog.

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