Friday, December 12, 2008

Change Upon Change

I apologize to those on facebook who, expecting just a brief passing note, find themselves in the muddled mess that are my thoughts. I thought I was just giving a link to my blogspot on blogger and I think have managed to import all these...ramblings (for lack of a better word). Good grief!

I had a job interview just a few weeks ago at our National Office. It was really a nice opportunity for me and also part-time which would have allowed me plenty of time to do my homeschooling stuff. I really enjoyed my interview (as best as one can enjoy one of those things), but realized rather quickly that I might not have the energy to handle it. So here I sit...again...but I have to say that I am sitting in a better seat. For some reason I don't feel that frantic rush to find something to help us financially. We are still broke. It's just that I think my faith has been given a little boost. There have been a few blessings recently that have let me know that God is still in control. I was reading one of my early blogs (when I was in heart failure the last time, but didn't know it yet). It was on my "myspace" page and it made me a little weepy. The bizzare thing is that I was right in the middle of planning a mother's day banquet or something. I was just so sick...and yet kept right up with what I needed to do. Crazy girl.

Why do we do we (and of course I mean that in the broadest terms) do much of this thing called "life" on our own? Is it not enough that God created the heavens and earth....I mean really! I am often amazed at my own ingenuity and wherewithall. And when I say amazed I am not in the least impressed with myself. I am just amazed that I have the gall to think I can do a better job with my life than God. I always think I have to fix things...and when I decide I am not going to try and fix things I sit around and worry about the ineptness of the Creator of the universe. Not literally, but you get the picture.

There are going to be some changes for the Teague family in the next month or so. We are torn. It will be a good situation for us in some ways, but will also shut the door on other possibilites for a time. We have lived the last few years in limbo...not knowing what the coming hours hold for us. We feel the urgency of the times but are unsure where we fit anymore. So once again I am asking again for God's hands to lead and guide us. And to bless us with that peace only He can give.

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