Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some of this and that...

I shouldn't even be on the computer tonight. I am up to my eyeballs in piles of homeschooling "stuff" trying to get myself together for the new school year. We did school through the summer but it was really relaxed and I flew by the seat of my "Bermuda shorts." We did just return from a week with the in-laws. I have made my husband promise me a trip fairly soon that involves just the three of us...with no chance whatsoever that we bump into someone that even resembles someone we know in real life. Enough about that...I'm a bit traumatized from that last trip, but I'll get over it (with counseling and possibly medicinal assitance).
Anyhoo, it is my goal in the near future to fill my blog with pics and resources of our lapbooks (we have quite a collection) and any other resource that has been beneficial to us in our quest for cheap, yet memorable learning experiences. Josiah is a very kinsthetic learner...I have found a eclectic style of schooling works for us. I really wasn't a good curriculum follower even when I taught school. I suppose it also makes sense for me to "create" my own since I occasionally write Children's curriculum for cash!
Enough of that ridiculous self-promotion! It was my goal to get as much put on the blog over the summer...obviously, other than changing my background a few times, I haven't achieved that goal. I need to allot myself time everyday to do just that...instead of playing those silly quizzes on facebook (that in itself is a whole other issue).
For now, I need to get back to the project at hand. I will have to say that I feel really blessed to be able to spend this time with my son...and I am able to use some of my training and education to help him along. I miss my creative (yet slightly fruity) teacher friends. It has been hard to know that teaching will probably not be my lifelong occupation. But at least this way I can still play with pocket charts and math manipulatives. And finding uses for all those adult wipey containers my mom brought me from her job at a residential care facility...I'm in heaven.
More later....

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