Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Fun...Finally?

My Dad grew lots 'o pumpkins a couple of years ago. Mom took this pic.

 I went to our storage building yesterday to dig for our winter clothes and my fall decorations. Now our storage building happens to be in another town and every time I go I am either thrown into fits of despair (it's hard seeing half your house wadded up in a metal building)'s usually fits of despair.  My fit of despair yesterday was triggered by the site of a badly damaged box containing my Blue Willow china perched precariously atop another box. I have so many things to be grateful for. And the fact that my Blue Willow china (amongst other things) has been banished to a town 30 minutes from where we live because of lack of space in our small apartment doesn't change the fact that we (at least) have shelter.  I didn't get a glimpse of my piano in the back of the unit...which is probably good because that would have been grounds for an immediate trip to Krispy Kreme.  

I should have had my fall stuff out weeks ago.  I am always about celebration, but I have to say that summer has been reluctant to leave the Ozarks.  It's hard to put out the pumpkins in shorts and flip flops.  But today I have big plans. I am going to put out my fall decorations and then Josiah and I are going to go to a local Harvest Festival at a park. In honor of the occasion (and to celebrate the Fall Equinox) I thought I would post a few Fall Favorites today.  Recipes and the like. Not that I plan on making any of them today! My poor family. How they suffer.

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