Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Job Interview

So the big (and a little dreaded) job interview happened just an hour ago. I have never had a job interview where the employer looks up at you and says, "Hey!  You are just what I am looking for!  Come work for me today!" Except when I worked at McDonald's in High School and a few of my preschool teaching jobs.  Once again, this job had 2 million applicants (at least that what it looked like from the stacks of resumes on the desk). Now I have to play the wait and see game.  I'm not sure how the interview went. The guy was really nice.  And it was pleasant. But, I have to say that the some of the best interviews I've had (and I've had a few) didn't result employment. That kind of does a number on one's self-esteem.  Anyhoo...

It is hard to know how honest to be in an interview.  When asked why I was interested in this job I wanted to say "because if I don't get it my family's menu will solely consist of Ramen Noodles" or "my next step involves a sign saying 'will yodel for food' and a random intersection."

I also don't know what to say when explaining my work history. Do you tell a future employer "Yep. I haven't worked much the past few years because I've been trying not to die from heart failure!" And I mean that literally.

Oh, the stresses of being a productive American! 

So...I will spend my day trying not to think about it and let God do all the heavy lifting.  He is better at it than I am.

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