Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So I'm sitting here on couch chilling out until it's time to get ready to go church. Wednesday nights are busy, busy. Josiah has JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz-it's a competition that helps kids learn the Bible), then he has Royal Rangers (it's a kind of like a Faith-based Scout program), I'm teaching a ladies Bible study and then I have choir.  We always have lots of fun, but Wednesdays are tough! I really need to be doing other stuff...but, hey!  Why not waste time sending random thoughts into cyberspace...nobody needs really reads this except my Momma! Here are my thoughts for today.

1. I just asked Josiah to pour me a glass of iced tea.  Normally, when I ask for a favor of such world wide significance I get "wailing and gnashing of teeth." He is always too busy saving the world with Indiana Jones and a host of happy meal toys to help poor mom.  Then...out of the wild blue yonder...he made me a glass of Nesquick chocolate milk!  What a sweetie!  I almost got teary. I guess I am forgiven for smacking him over the head yesterday with his handwriting workbook.

2. Parts of our building is being painted. The sweet old fella has been perched up on one of those "lifty" things with a paintbrush in hand.  He is dressed entirely in white and has some sort of tablecloth hanging out of pocket.  He also has a moustache that would inspire any follicaly challenged young man. Somewhere Wilfred Brimely is seething with jealously. We're going to miss him and his ever beeping contraption (you know, that lift thingy).  He helped Troy look at my ailing car and assured us that he was pretty convinced it was the battery and not the alternator.  I wonder if they might consider keeping him on...He could be the resident Fella.

3. I worked out today at the Y with a friend. She happens to also be the Aquatics Director and she is making time for me every week to inspire and give me a much-needed kick in the boot-tah. Today we went into the Wellness room.  It had walls of mats, little weights, resistance bands, kick thingys and most obviously distressing...mirrors. I've never really been into working out in front of a mirror.  I found I couldn't quite look myself in the eye.  Is that a problem?  Then again, I don't think I've seen a full body reflection of myself since 1994. I had to come home and eat cheetos just to ease my distress.

4. No call about a job yet. And since my last interview was over a week ago and they needed to hire someone this week...oh well. Maybe I didn't want to work anyway. Who needs groceries and toothpaste anyway?  Yesterday I was slightly hysterical about I'm not. We have had a week filled with blessings.  God has reminded us over and over that He has it under control. It's sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees....Or something like that. Sometimes I get all my deeper philosophical phrases confused. I should have paid closer attention in my philosophy class in college. Instead of making grocery lists...and napping.

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