Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My guy a few years ago on the occasion of his 7th birthday. My mom took the picture.
It's a crisp fall evening in the Ozarks. Our little dab of rain last night was enough to shake a few leaves from their trees and give those of us who are friends with Arthur (arthritis, that is) extra reason to complain. And I have certainly taken advantage of my "complain all you want" pass today. Oh well. Here are a few random thoughts for the day.

1. I am watching Dancing With the Stars this season. I could never be a participant on one of those things. For one, I would feel the need to read all the entertainment blogs and comments about the blogs. I would probably spiral into a deep depression. I would then try to comfort myself with a gallon of Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt from Braum's and start writing snarky comments defending myself under the alias 'you ain't all that'...which would lead to more depression and a daily trip to Krispy Kreme. You can tell I have moderation issues. I feel so sorry for Bristol Palin. I think it's sad that so many grown-up people have become so mean spirited. I mean really. It's a show about dancing. Dances with names like 'cha-cha' or jive. They wear ridiculous sparkly costumes and are addicted to the spray tan. Get a grip America. If Bristol Palin wins Dancing with the Stars the sun will still rise and set. Winter will still come. And Starbucks will still charge a ridiculous amount for a latte whatever. Get over it. Just enjoy the Sparkle.

2. They are having a potluck at The Studly Muffin's place of employment tonight. He was the organizer. He is always  the organizer. Which kinda means I am the organizer's assistant. I have spent many Tuesdays picking up pizza, making cakes (or pancakes) and shuffling chili to his work. Can one shuffle chili? I'm not sure. I'll leave it though. A Random Thought means just that. Random. Even if it involves Shuffling Chili. Anyhoo. I've been thinking. Nobody every brings me a doggie bag or invites me. If I am the unofficial Chili Shuffler don't you think I should get at least a in-vite? I'm just sayin'.

3. I had a doctor's appointment today. The waiting room had a pitiful selection of magazines. I looked at a Family Circle that was at least 2 years old. I usually try and take a book. I know about Doctor's appointments. I usually have to take a granola bar, a couple of  books to read and I make sure my phone has full battery capacity. You never know when you're going to have to camp out. I am also a secret people watcher. Have you ever thought about those people in Dr.'s waiting rooms? What are their lives like? What kind of things do they face? I know. A little bit too heavy. One thinks of those things. That all the random germ spreading going on.

4. Josiah and I went to the park today. I had promised him yesterday and wound up not keeping my promise (bad mama!) He loves to swing. He could swing for hours. We were also supposed to go on a nature walk. We did do a nature drive-by. Does that count? We are doing a project with Fall leaves this week. Remember leaf collecting? I saw a cute project on one of my homeschool sites that made really cool art out of fall leaves. Cool and Art usually don't mix together in my universe.

5. I really do love this time of year. But I have a secret. I have to take extra steps not to totally freak out in a big way. I tend to be a bit of a neurotic overachiever in some areas. In other words I don't know when to stop. I always have some project I take one...One that I usually don't give myself enough time to accomplish. Josiah and I are going to start our First Thanksgiving Study this week. I have had to promise myself that I won't try and recreate the first Thanksgiving Feast, weave our own place mats and make a detailed replica of the Mayflower. Girl has to have a limit. Somewhere. I wonder if making little homemade soaps for everyone at our family Thanksgiving this year is too much?

6. One reason it is my favorite time of year is because of my baby boy. Who is will be 9 this month. I can't even express to you what I was feeling 9 years ago at this time. I was terrified and thrilled and excited and a nervous wreck. All at the same time. Adoption is a wonderful thing. It is a scary thing. And an uncertain thing. But it is a wonderful thing. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I were so fortunate. But I count my blessings everyday and at the very top of the list is one Josiah Bevan.

7. I am trying to decide what I am going to take to our Family Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's farm. Mom is trying to keep things low key and simple, but I don't know if I can do that. I am going to have to take the decorations as it is. She doesn't know it yet. You see I have this problem. And it will drive me crazy if we are sitting around the table(s) and everything looks like it's just another day of the year (minus the large Turkey and my Dad wearing a shirt to the dinner table). We need to have pumpkins and fake leaves lying around. I draw the line though at decorating the TV area for The Studly Muffin and my brother-in-law, Greg's football watching marathon. If they want Team Pendants and pompoms they will have to do it themselves.

That's all for today, friends. It's my goal this week to write a post about Josiah's adoption. I don't think I've done that yet. It's a beautiful story. And one worth sharing.

Blessings, Rebekah

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