Monday, August 22, 2011

A Hoosier Vaycay - Part 2 (or Troy Twirls)

Because I know you, my dear readers, wait in delicious anticipation for my latest postings I did not procrastinate in getting these pictures out into the blogosphere. Two posts in one night? There must be something I am putting off doing. And that would be unpacking from our Vacation. In my head I am still there in my Mother-in-law's living room watching a girlie movie eating a piece of chocolate cream pie.  My mother-in-law does my laundry and feeds me chocolate pie. Heavenly. Not to mention that the weather in Indiana wasn't as hot and sticky as it is here in Missouri.

In my last First Vaycay post I alluded to the fact that The Studly Muffin had joined a High School Marching Band. He sure did. And he was a member of the Color Guard at that!! Actually, our niece Megan is on the Color Guard team and we went to her first family night of the marching season. The kids got to teach a family member part of their marching routine. It was fun. It was classic. I will never erase these pictures from my camera.

 And now. Without commentary. Troy Teague Takes Up Twirling.

I am giggling right now. I can't help it. Real Men Twirl. You see now why I married him. I love this man with every molecule of my being. He is pretty special.

They were almost done twirling when I saw that Troy's tall gorgeous sis, Sacha, had joined the gang. She was filling in as a "parent" for a girl whose parents weren't there.

Sacha is much younger than Troy, but they have always been close. She has a degree in Criminal Justice (which is really helpful when you are watching one of those Law & Order shows...she can give you the inside scoop). I plan on using her expertise during my next entanglement with the law. Hey. It could happen. She currently getting her Masters in Public Mangement. I think the Public needs her.

So on our last night in Indiana we went over to Sacha and John's house and watched a movie. Keaton did homework. He was doing Pre-Algebra review. It was a group effort. I realized how much I have forgotten since College Algebra. And no. I really don't use it in real life.

Megan showed off her hat she got on Vacation in the Smokey Mountains earlier in the summer. It says "All My Friends I Got On Facebook."

Josiah tried it on.

We watched Tangled. It was a pretty cute movie. I kept thinking. "How does she wash all that hair? Since it magic does it clean itself? Doesn't her head hurt?"

Keaton finished homework.

Troy and his Momma.

Josiah and PaPaw. Josiah is PaPaw's Shadow. You won't see one without the other very often we visit.

I realized when I was going through my pictures I took that I didn't get any of Troy's brother Chris, who also lives in Kokomo and his kids. Josiah got to spend a little time with his two littlest cousins, Bailey and Trace. They are as cute as they can be.

So soon it was time to pack our bags and head home. This was breakfast just outside of Indianapolis. They don't have White Castle where we live.  Boy. White Castle sounds good. Anybody up for a 4 hour White Castle run? I think the closest one to us is outside St. Louis.

And hours later we were back in Missouri. We still had a little bit of a drive, but at least home was in site. So was the heat. The lovely Indiana weather didn't follow us back home. Sigh. It's been a long dry summer.

We've only been home a couple of days and I'm already trying to think of ways I can send my laundry to my Mom-in-law Sharron every week. And does Chocolate Cream Pie mail well?

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