Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I can't believe we are already 2 days gone into this week. Somewhere along the way I missed Monday. I know we had a Monday. The Studly Muffin was off because of MLK Day and Josiah had swim. I, however, didn't seem to really "experience" Monday. I even made a fancy dancy dinner of carne asada (with homemade flour tortillas). There is still a mess in my kitchen to prove it. Oh well.

Because the obvious lack of oxygen to my brain Josiah and I cut school short today and went to the $1 movie. Yay for the $1 movie! They happen on Tuesdays at one of our local movie theaters. Now that's cheap entertainment. It was wonderful to sit in a dark movie theater with a big shot of diet dp (which I have been avoiding like the plague for months now). Sadly, the mess in my kitchen was still there when we got back. I keep finding dishes. Why must everyone (and by everyone I mean Troy and Josiah) get a clean up everytime they want a drink. I found whole colonies of cups. I don't even want to tell you the rest of it...I'm ashamed.

Speaking of shame. My camera has had somewhat of an accident. That's not the shame part. It still works (though I have a warranty somewhere for wear and tear). Upon downloading the pics off of my camera tonight I found many unauthorized photos. Oh I took a few. But for the most part the memory card was filled with pics taken by my little amateur photog.

I thought I'd share. Some of them.

First off. Why would anybody in their right mind take a picture of the contents of a basket he just knocked over. Coupons. A Christmas card sent by Baby Sister. An earring. Obviously taking a picture is easier than cleaning it up! Is that shredded cheese? Eww.

Another day, another showdown. I can't tell you how many pictures like this were on the camera. This was a little unique. It is like a Blue Man Group reunion. With Spock. And Spock looks like he has a bloody nose. I don't even want to know.

Hah! At least you can tell that learning takes place in our home. This is our current project. At least one of them. We are doing a study on Great Britain. This is a salt dough map. He is supposed to paint mountains and a few rivers on this week. That is if we can keep away from the movie theatre. Don't judge.

A self-"portrait." He is pretty proud of this one.

Now here is one I obviously took. Though I wished I would have made him go put a shirt on.
 That is so Cun-tree.  Long John bottoms and peeling taters.

Peeling taters is a relatively new skill. And one he takes great pride in. He's supposed to have something under the bowl of taters. I was so intent in picture takin' that I forgot to fuss at him. I better make sure that there aren't any spare peelings flung around that particular area. 

Another one of Josiah's. I don't know why he felt he needed a picture of our entertainment center and the box of communion cups that we have needed to take to the church for at least a month now. Does anybody else do that (not specifically with communion cups :<) I mean have something you are supposed to take somewhere and it just winds up floating all over the house.  Also. Notice the road bike in the edge of the pic. The Studly Muffin rubs my feet, doesn't complain when I want to watch something Jane Austinish and I let him keep his Road Bike in the living room. I'm not sure it's an even trade. But we haven't been married 20.3 years for nothing.

Maybe he's practicing his "Surprise!" pose.

My eternal shame. You see here a Jumbo-Can of Libby's Green Beans. All my hollering about fresh food and this is what I fed my family tonight. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. And this girl needed to use up a Jumo-Can of Libby's Green Beans that were given to her in love. They were yummy anyway. I got me some mad canned veggie cooking skills. Comes from being poor.

I think all the pictures Josiah has seen me take of food has inspired him. This was his plate tonight. Before you go all "processed foods" scary on me I will assure you that these chicken tenders are organic and made with whole strips of chicken. No preservatives. I got them marked-down. So there.
Truth is I am on a "Healthy Eating Plan." I was so hungry tonight I would have eaten fried cardboard. Thankfully, these were much better than fried cardboard.

I am sharing another one of Josiah's pictures. Simply because this was my evening. A girl sitting at her overly crowded dining room table. Her laptop open to the Kindle site...looking for cheap or free books to download to her kindle. Hoping that she can put off the obvious. Dirty dishes, laundry and the like. My laptop screen is so large all the mess on my table can easily hide behind it. Not that anything hiding behind it is that interesting. I see a paper of spelling words (he's going to miss that in the morning), a book of guitar chords....The only problem is at this angle I have a direct picture of my kitchen sink. Not fair.

There were a few other pictures I vetoed. One was off the toilet (as if) and another of the shower (best if that little treasure is kept to ourselves). There was even a picture of  the inside of the trash can. Is he doing an investigative report?  If I find any of these pictures on some sort of Dateline episode he's in big trouble.

Sleep Tight!


P.S. Please say a prayer for some friends who are facing or right smack in the middle of some pretty serious health concerns. Some of these are life and death. And I know they would covet your prayers.


  1. So when did the photography lessons start? lol

  2. He probably needs his own camera. Mom bought him a little video camera for Christmas. There is no way I'm posting some of the videos he's taken!

  3. I so loved this post that I did my own version. Here's the link.


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