Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pro-Cras-Ti-Nation (it's making me crazy)

Don't tell. I'm supposed to be cleaning house. We have our quarterly bug inspection tomorrow for our Apartment and while I am certain there are no bugs the condition of my dining room table alone might put into question my homekeeping skills. I don't want to traumatize the bug guy (or become the topic of the day at the supper table..."you should have seen"...).

Anyhoo. I've approached the Hot Zone Itself. My Dining Room Table. And from my vantage point I see that I'm in for a wild ride. Besides the wilting Valentie's Day flowers The Studly Muffin gave me, there is an assortment of books, homeschool projects, a water bottle (or 3) and a bottle of Real Lemon (why?). I'm also just a bit curious about the box of mac & cheese sitting beside the guitar book. Was this a big hint I missed for supper?

Maybe your house is pristine (lucky dog), maybe not (join the club). What I have found that when my surroundings are controlled and pleasant to look at I am more controlled and pleasant to be with.  Which might explain the big case of the grumpies I've been nursing for the past few weeks.

I blame it entirely on my schedule. And my son. And then there is stack of cereal bowls beside the computer that someone has been collecting while he plays his Tiger Woods Golf Game. I'm  not saying who it is necessarily, but his initials are Studly and Muffin.

Sigh. This is so typical "Me." I am easily distracted. Instead of tackling something (I am generally dreading) "head on" I find ways to deflect and distract myself (i.e. writing a nonsensical blog). I've done it all my life. My mom will tell you. She used to find me in my room sitting in the middle of a pile of shoes and books....reading Little House, The Hobbit, The Narnia Books...anything that would take me away from the mess.

So. Not to get all "psychobabble" on you. (I'm really not qualified...I never even took a psychology course in college...but I have watched my fair share of Oprah and Dr. Phil through the years...does that count?) Back to the point. I think that sometimes my tendency for escapism is a way to avoid the tough things or the unpleasant things. Goodness knows I've been forced to face a lot head on. And I imagine that because of that sometimes I give myself a free pass on the things that shouldn't be so hard (i.e. cleaning off the dining room table).

Here goes. I'm finishing up this post. I'm doing a spell check. I may or may not check for punction or grammatical errors (I never do so why start now). Then I am going to close my laptop. And take a deep breath. And take a big gulp of that Coke Zero with chocolate I got from Sonic earlier this evening (I had to go get that before I tackled my spice cabinet...I know. The bug man isn't going to care about my spices). And then I am going to start by putting that box of mac & cheese back underneath the cabinet. At least after I attach a post-it-with the words "better luck next time" written on it. I will ignore the perfectly lovely book I downloaded on my Kindle. I won't even tempt myself with a quick "internet look see" for all the latest happenings on Downton Abbey (I'm a little obsessed) or continue my campaign to get the current seasons of Dr. Who on my Netflix (I'm a little bitter).

It's on!


  1. I was sitting at my computer--delaying cleaning up from breakfast, when I read your post about "cleaning up for the bug man to come." Aaa! The bug man will be here in 15 minutes. Jump up. Clean up. Quick. Kids grab something. Ding Dong. He's here. Sigh. So he can talk to his wife about this homeschooler's terrible house.

  2. Ha Ha! I'm laughing out loud...I'm sorry it's at your expense :<) But isn't that the way it goes! I'll have to tell you someday about the heating and air guy.


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