Monday, February 27, 2012

News at 11. Or at least 4:15.

Josiah got a little video camera for Christmas.He is in the process of filming his masterpiece. In the meantime, I have had a little fun with with. I took it to the pool with me today with the intention of filming some of his swim lesson. But. As often happens with me, I found myself engrossed in a book on my Kindle once his lesson began. I did get this little gem. This is pretty typical Josiah. You can see first hand why it's easy for me to smile.I love it when he asks me if he is being "news casted." And another question. How did the chicken cross the road. Apparently, "why" is not as important. I love this guy.

1 comment:

  1. That was so cute!! And I knew he was growing up so much, but to see him on video makes it even more real! What a big boy he is now, and so adorable! Thanks for sharing!


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