Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So we were watching TV. At least I was watching TV. The Studly Muffin was at work and Josiah was doing his nightly interpretive dance routine. That sounds a lot more impressive than running through the house, acting like all crazy-like. Back to the TV. A commercial came on advertising a local lingerie shop called "Adam and Eve." Josiah stopped in mid 'chasse."

"Are they talking about who I think they are talking about?" He said. Not sure where he is going with this I explained to him that the commercial is for a store that sells underwear. He gave me a strange look and said, "Are they selling Adam and Eve's underwear?" 

I looked at him a few times to see if he was serious. He was. And frankly, I just didn't know how to answer.  And then I was also a little squeamish with all the underwear and lingerie commercials to begin with. Personally, I am not ready for any questions about underwear...unless they are: 1) have you changed said underwear today? or 2) did you leave your underwear on the bathroom floor?

My grandma used to call them "skivvies." I'm considering reintroducing a movement that replaces all uncomfortable topics with nonsensical code words.

To my great relief, Josiah quickly changed the topic (as happens frequently). "Can we go to spiderman.com and stock up some cool spiderman gear?"  Turns out the interpretive modern dancing was actually Josiah perfecting his "spidey moves."

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