Monday, March 26, 2012

He Gone (a text gone wrong)

I got the strangest text last night. It simply said this.

He Gone

(cue sinister music)

Because it was from a number I didn't recognize (and because I'm really not a "texter") I didn't text back. But honestly. What would I say?

Sorry. Wrong Number. And really is an ('s) an awfully hard to thing to include? That is so obvious.

 But what if the person on the other end works for the mafia? What if it is a confirmation of a hit gone right. (or wrong depending on if you are the "hit" or the "hitter.")

What if it is someone who is having illicit relations and texting the other party? He Gone. You can come over now. For shame. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Or what if it is from someone who has lost a loved one and is simply informing family members of the passing in the most economical way possible. Not in the best possible taste. And frankly kind of strange.

Or maybe it was a text interrupted?

He Gone to the store for milk (I realize that is bad grammar. But honestly, grammar is a lost art in our modern day communications)

He Gone and done it again. (This makes perfect sense to my hillbilly sensibilities...bad grammar and all)

He Gone and got himself a dog (again...makes sense to me)

He gone and got himself another woman (If he's gone and got himself a dog and another woman.....Country song!)

Hmm. I love a good story. Especially if I have to make one up ;<)

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