Friday, December 7, 2012

Oh, Eugene. And Random Thoughts

So it's Friday night. I'm spread out on my couch. We watched White Christmas and had leftovers. I had some sort of Asian meatballs planned, but in keeping with the spirit of giving I decided to bless my family with leftover chili, cheese dip and spaghetti noodles. Come on! We're creative people...figure it out! In anticipation of a busy weekend and week ahead I'm going to do some therapeutic rambling. Or as I like to call them...Random Thoughts or Reflections.

1. Today was the special day of the year. Ladies, you know the one. The annual visit to the Gynecologist. Here is the deal (and if my gentleman readers feel this is "TMI," feel free to cover your eyes for this part of my blog post)...can they not spring for a few "user" upgrades? The paper gown has got to go. A throw rug or two...Maybe some Cable. Perhaps one of those gas fireplace inserts in every room. Some upholstered furniture might distract me from the whole unpleasant mess. I will have to say that it is the only doctor's office that I can expect to see HGTV playing in the waiting room. Would it be too presumptuous for me to bring my own robe and fuzzy throw the next time around?

2. This week we went to a friend's house and made salt dough ornaments. It was so much fun! The mess! The noise! You have to keep in mind that for the first 10 years of my adult life I worked primarily with tiny kids. I'm not phased by mess or noise. Unless it is my mess or my noise...and then I curl up into a ball while the lyrics of "Tainted Love" run over and over and over in my head. Sometimes I think I want to (du-du) Run Away...I want to (du-du) Run Away....You can't tell me that nobody out there has ever felt the same way.

3. Speaking of running away...I have told you before about my passing fancy to join the circus. I figure I've got skills for such an adventure. Anyhoo. I have been referring to myself as "The Happy Apron Maker." The Happy Apron Maker has not been so happy. I've only got 5 (count them)...5 aprons to go on a particularly large order. I cut out a really cute apron tonight...complete with pockets, an old quilt applique..just plain cute!! Pockets. I really hate pockets. And tonight I cut said pocket out of my already cut apron fabric. Which means I totally buggered it up!!! I have this large gaping whole in my apron. I was so proud of myself. I am not even going to look in the direction of my sewing machine until  morning.

4. But then again...this is me we're talking about. I just spent the past 20 minutes pinning 42 million aprons to my new apron sewing board on pinterest. I can't hold a grudge.

5. Josiah had a buddy over this week. They spent the day playing every video game we own. And eating lots of cheese dip. It's good to be a guy. When he complained during our impromptu trip to Hobby Lobby today I reminded him about how good he really has it. "Mom! Why don't we ever go to a guy store?" Please. Spare me.

6. I am almost ready for Christmas. At least I think I am. I am waiting to wrap presents until Josiah and I make our homemade tags. I actually had photo cards made this year for Christmas. I found a really good deal. Sure. I have a whole set of Christmas cards I made for last year and didn't mail out. But those are so last year...I've moved on. I am fickle that way. I still have quite a number of handmade gifts I need to crank out. But I figure it's not Christmas unless I drive myself crazy with last minute projects. Who needs a stress free holiday? I wouldn't know what to do with myself! Read? Sleep? Rest? Pshaw. Who needs it?

7. We are reading through a really delightful book for Advent this year. It's called Jotham's Journey. Josiah loves it!! I can't recommend it enough. Josiah is also reading through the Christmas Story found in Luke. This is a pretty big deal for my dyslexic guy. There are a few words that we've had to ask Daddy for help with. After all, The Studly Muffin did go to Bible College. That's where they teach you how to pronounce strange Bible names. I went to Arkansas State. "Nuff said.

8. Speaking of strange. Wednesday night at church I came out of Bible study to find Josiah wandering the hall occasionally muttering, "Oh, Eugene!" What? A few friends were also out in the hall and one of them (shout out to Shirley!) started laughing. Apparently, one of the little girls had been saying, "OMG" over and over. Her older sister fussed at her...commenting how much hearing people say OMG got her on her nerves. Josiah (always ready and available to get on a nerve or two) perked up. Shirley told me she could tell by the look on his face that he was on. But..instead of OMG (which we would have certainly to to talk about) became "Oh, Eugene!" Poor Guy. It's tough to be a rebel.

Blessings, everyone! I'm off to ignore my sewing machine some more. 

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  1. Oh, Eugene had me laughing out loud. That is really funny.


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