Friday, December 14, 2012

Random Thoughts - The "This is me stalling" Edition

Good Friday Morning! I'm sure that all of you are up to your noses and eyeballs in Christmas festivities. I'm up to my nose and eyeballs in apron making. And as you can plainly see I am stalling. I've got so much to do...but I need to go dig in my apron making mountain (fabric and the like) to find a few things and I'm kind of afraid I'll be lost forever. The sad thing is that as long as I've got my Kindle and The Studly Muffin shovels in an occasional California Roll I'd probably be okay. I am due for some quiet time.

I have so much to share. But...given my lack of time and (frankly) scattered brain cells...I thought I would just throw a few things out there. They may or may not be related. Just consider this a gift.

1. Josiah and I went to the Opera yesterday. Whew-y! We're fancy! I have something absolutely horrifying to admit. Brace yourselves. I like Opera.  I know! I've liked it since I was a young thing. Stranger still. I realize it is odd to sing one's conversation. And even odder to listen to it sung in a language you cannot understand. But the Opera yesterday was delightful and it was in English. It was Amahl and the Night Visitors. Perfect for the kiddos. We went with a bunch of friends. Josiah sat a few rows in front of me with four of his buddies. They sat perched on the edge of their seats. After the Opera (I love saying that...makes me feel so cultured), we went to McDonald's and participated in some more culture. Chicken McNuggets and the Playhouse. The other moms and I chatted about life, female conditions and our perfect husbands and the kids whooped it up. I won't tell you how long we were there. It might sully your good opinion of me.

2. I still have a list of Christmas projects I need to finish ASAP. These may or may not be Christmas projects for family members who may or may not be reading this blog. I also do not have a single Christmas present wrapped. I had plans for elaborate package toppers, but it is looking like I'm going to have to bring out the peel and stick kind and let Josiah tape a candy cane on top. I realize that this alone might damage might reputation of the "overkill queen," but I think I can live with that. You know you've arrived when you have gone from a "wrapping paper having to match your Christmas outfit" freak to a "letting your 11-year-old son completely take over the Christmas wrapping" gal. My only concern is I'm afraid there might be a bit more creativity with the whole wrapping thing with Josiah involved. We will most likely wind up with a full scale Christmas version of the Millenium Falcon.

3. When Josiah is a fan he is a fan. He loves music and he has a few Christian artists right now that he's all about. Sidewalk Prophets for one. And then there is Steven Curtis Chapman. SC2 (for short) has a song called "Dive." It's older and the video features "divers" diving into water. Apparently, this is now Josiah's theme song. He plays it over and over and over and over. He has also written a fan letter to SC2.

Dear Steven Curtis Chapman,

My name is Josiah. I am 11-years-old. I live in Missouri. I love your music. I am sorry I haven't written before, but I just found out you live in Tennessee. Maybe I can visit sometime or you could come stay with me in Missouri.

Ah! I hope Steven just doesn't pop in on us. I need at least a few days to stash the fabric mountain. And change the sheets.

4. I am afraid I have managed to crush the Christmas spirit in my house. At least the spirit of the "Christmas Goodies." We are making one batch of cookies for Josiah to give to some of his older cousins and that is it. I know! It's almost like I've gone all Scrooge! But, I can't do it. I am weak. I have lost 63 pounds so far and I can't sabotage myself with sugar cookies and Christmas fudge. There are going to be enough temptations during our Christmas holiday with the extended Family as it is. And I plan on having at least one piece of pie. But I refuse to spend the weeks leading up to the big birthday party for Jesus shoveling snickerdoodles down my face. If my guys want any Christmas candy they are going to have to make themselves. I've come a long way and have a ways more to go.

5. So there!

6. Speaking of weight loss. Have a mentioned what losing 60+ pounds does to ones body? It's all good (trust me), but there is some saggage I didn't anticipate. There are parts of my body that resemble elephant skin. I'm wondering if scotch tape might do the trick. I know. TMI!

7. A few days ago Josiah and I went to our favorite hair lady's house  (she blessed me with a Christmas hair cut). She has an in-home shop and we are always blessed to see her. She gave Josiah a radio. He had been listening to our weather radio. Sad, I know. But when he figured out it played his favorite station he began carrying it around like a boom box and then left it in his room...on 24/7. Of course, weather radios run down their batteries and it was a sad day when it gave out. So now he has one you can plug in. He kept telling me, "Mom! It will never die! I can listen to it all the time!" I felt like I had been depriving him of some great secret of the universe until I realized that this is a child of the "mobile device generation." Poor guy will never have the joy of being his father's personal remote control.

So I've stalled the inevitable long enough. I need to at least start doing something. Knowing me it will be late into the night tonight and I will be bemoaning my few minutes spent playing on the computer. I really need to find a quick source of caffeine and get to it!


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