Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Simple Valentine (maybe)

Since this is the week of True Love, I thought I would share with you some of the ways we are sharing the love. So to speak.

As I have an issue with "overkill" in my life (I tend to practice it), I decided to do a few cute things and keep it at that. And I even made a cute graphic with the intention of sharing my simple efforts with you, dear readers.

I'm not sure I quite got there. With the simple part.

I do know that at least some of these things will get double duty action. I am having a Valentine's Party for our kiddos at church Sunday.

This is not necessarily a Valentine's card so to speak, but my Mom-in-law's birthday was last week so I made her a cute little card.

Everything came from my button box.

This could easily turn into a special valentine for someone. 

I pulled a bunch of stuff from around the house and set up a little coffee table vignette. If it weren't for my guys trying to play catch with the beanie bear we'd all be good.

This was my one craft moment. I made a fabric flower. I really intend to put a clip in it and stick it in my hair, but in the meantime I thought I'd use it on the coffee table.

A little chalkboard art. I spent 30 minutes trying to write "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" on it.
I apparently didn't  possess enough brain cells to master such a feat on that day. This is what I wound up with.

A friend and I planned a little party for our kids. Neither of us belong to a homeschool co-op so we decided to make our own Valentine's fun.

We invited these guys to the party. I had to make them first.

Nothing like stitching 30 little owl babies. Not to fear. It took me only about an hour to put them all together. And even less time for at least one of them to come apart during our Valentine's games. It was a bit disconcerting to see the owl babies hurled through the air like tiny missiles.

We had a Valentine's Tea. My friend graciously offered her home. She also wore red for the occasion. I wore The Studly Muffin's purple Mexico Missions T-shirt he has had since the late 1990's. I did bring the red table cloth. And the tea stuff.

All of the spice bottles aren't a new Tea Party fad. They are all a variety of herbs and spices. I was trying them on my cucumber sandwiches made with gluten free bread and tofu cream cheese.

Don't worry. We fed the kids real food.

I have collected odds and ends of Tea Party supplies over the years. I few of these pieces I got for .5 from a thrift store. The most I paid was .25.'Cause I"m a big spender. Can't you tell?

We also served Wassail (a Christmas present from my comes from the Biltmore Estate!).  Fancy! Quite the hit on a cold, winter's day.

I found a few free printable Valentine's games from  Teacher's Notebook. Josiah lamented them for me. Having an 11-year-old can be pretty handy sometimes.

I made some simple bingo cards, but there are some free ones all over the Web. You can tell I made these. Notice the "free" space? Oops.

Josiah wants me to inform you that he also laminated these.

This game is supposed to be played with conversation hearts. We were also going to play the game where each player stacks the conversation hearts as high as they will go.

Oops. They didn't make it in my game bag. They are still sitting on my table. Pinto Beans to the rescue!

We unfortunately had to scratch the "stacking hearts" game. Pinto beans don't quite do the trick.

This is Kool-aid playdough I made. Josiah picked out watermelon (pink) and cherry (red) as the "flavors." I just put them in little bags, made up some bag toppers and handed them out to our party friends. A very cheap and easy gift.

I'm thinking. Since I went to all the trouble. Maybe The Studly Muffin would like some watermelon playdough as his Valentine?

Probably not. But never fear. Josiah and I have a Valentine's Dinner planned. We might even play bingo :<)

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