Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snowball Fight!

We've finally got some. Snow.

I take that back. We finally got some of the good snow. You know. The kind that  inspires the impromptu snowball fight.

 It only starts with one.

 Snowballs were flying! Fast and Furious!

Josiah wandered around with a snowball in his hand...looking for his next target. 

 Watch out!

Ooo. The man has 3 snowballs. This is serious business.

 Run, Forest, Run!

Hey! Don't point that thing at me!

Turn about is fair play.


 And yup. That one down the shirt.

Ya'll better run!

Battle worn. A little colder and a little wiser.

I had to make him leave the snowball. He was wired and ready for another battle.

1 comment:

  1. We finally had some good packy snow yesterday as well. I should have took them outside to build a snowman but my son decided to start building a tunnel in the snow banks. lol


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