Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stuck? A Weight-Loss Post

So I've been on this weight loss journey. 68 pounds baby!

After I've finished patting myself on the back, however, I am reminded that I haven't lost any weight since the holidays. I've been stuck on this desolate weight plateau...playing with the same 5 or 6 pounds.

I even went gluten and dairy free for 2 weeks, hoping that something would kick start my metabolism again. It obviously didn't work. The scale never dropped...I actually gained a few pounds.

It is really tempting to get sucked into the "can't lose the weight" blues. My hair is falling out. I'm so much healthier than I was, but I need to go so much further.

And it isn't like I've fallen off the weight loss wagon. I'm still exercising. Still eating within my calorie range. I'm just not losing.

I know I will never be this girl again.

For one thing I can't remember if that was my natural hair color! Anybody else remember? I did hair in a previous life. I was a redhead just months before this picture was taken. (and no...I am not a natural redhead!) And there is that whole bit about being 20 years older. Details!

I am grateful for how far I've come. My body has betrayed me..time and time again. To be upright and smiling is a blessing indeed. I just can't figure out how I got to be so blond? I am so not a blond. (My apologies to those of you who really are!)

So this week I am setting my mind on what I need to do.

For one, I will continue to plug away. I can't give up because I feel a little sorry for myself.

I will remind myself how far I've come...It's not hopeless!

I will continue to move (I can walk on a treadmill now! My car accident left me with many issues...who knew that it would be so devastating not being able to walk on a treadmill? Still can't run...not that I ever did much of that anyway).

So my friends. Any advice? I've got to get this train a-movin'!

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