Saturday, February 9, 2013

Swimming Like A Fish

Warning! This blog post contains a ridiculous number of pictures. View at your own risk. The photographer is a proud momma)

Early this morning we loaded up the car and headed out for an adventure. A Swim Meet! The swim meet was at another Y...about an hour away. An 8:30am warm-up comes early!

Warm-up! Did mention it was 8:30am?


What in the world? Our Downtown YMCA doesn't have any of these fancy diving blocks. Which means a crash course in diving off the blocks. (we love our swim coach...she is wonderful!)


Ready! Set! 

Oops. That's not going to end well. 

The staging area was set up in the Y gym. We set up with our team into a little city of camper chairs, towels and enough distractions to keep a group of kids occupied for a very long time.

And their parents. 

In a swim meet the swimmers are assigned "heats"...depending on what they are swimming and their age groups. When their number comes up they are seated in a holding area...called a "deck" until they are escorted out to the pool area. It is all exciting and very "Olympic" like. Except for the whole endorsement/other countries/fame and glory thing.

Josiah's first event. The dreaded butterfly (also known as "The Fly"). Josiah said, "At least I didn't have to swim the backstroke."

Healthy snacks. 

A little game of football to pass the time. I just have to share. The little guy in the very back of the pic carrying a towel? His swim trunks shined. I want some. I've got some dangly earrings that will match.

In the holding deck waiting to swim the breaststroke. They are seated according to what lane they will be swimming in. Josiah told me that his swim cap makes his eyebrows hurt.

More football. 

After his breaststroke heat. 


Getting reading to swim a 50 Free in a Relay. 

And there he goes!

And what is this? Some kind of secret code? My old locker combination? It's the numbers of his individual events. The swim coach wrote all their events on their they wouldn't forget. Good thing. I referred to it all day. I'm considering using this method for my grocery list.

Go Get 'Em!

Daddy and son. They did spend a few minutes this evening watching some youtube videos of Michael Phelps. A little more inspiration for a great day of swimming.

And almost the best part of the day? A celebratory early dinner at Steak and Shake (which happens to be Josiah's favorite restaurant...ever)

Sigh. The cutest. I'm one blessed (and proud) Momma!


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