Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Snowy Day

So I'm assuming everyone is enjoying a wonderful start to their Spring. Happy singing birds, softly blowing breezes and bits of green blooming everywhere.

Ha! We've had snow here in the Ozarks. Which is always preferable to Ice. But still.

Anyhoo. I can appreciate any kind of day that I am allowed to lounge. And today...I lounged. It was much needed.

Josiah and I are spending a few weeks with my Mom and Dad on their farm. We are calling it an extended spring break...though there hasn't been much Spring and in our Homeschool World we haven't had much of break. And we are missing The Studly Muffin..Sigh.But we are having a nice time and Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. And I'm pretty smitten with Mr. Muffin to begin with.

In honor of lounging and Spring everywhere, I am sharing with you a few pics I took today. In no particular order. With limited commentary. Maybe.

My lounging position. My Cousin Crystal treated me to Thai food and a pedicure Friday. It distresses me that I can't show off my cute toes (flip flops are frowned upon in snowy weather). So I spent the day barefooted. Yes. My tootsies are cold, but please. A girl can be vain every now and again.

A snowy day is a perfect day for marathon reading. And nothing is better than a pile of paperbacks by one of my favorite Mystery Writer. And no....The Butler Didn't Do It.

Snow and Daffodils.

 My parent's dog, Solomon. He is the sweetest dog ever. See those puppy dog eyes? Could somebody let me inside? This snow stuff isn't working for me.

Cousin Christopher and Josiah made a giant snowball. It's the little things in life.

What's better on a snowy day than homemade Blackberry Cobbler? I should know. I made it and then ate almost half of it.  Don't judge. It's sugar free and calories don't count on Snowy Days. Don't you know that?

A little coffee with my cobbler. 

Next week (Easter) they are calling for more spring-like weather. We'll see. I'll make another cobbler...just in case.

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  1. My feet commiserate -- every time I put closed shoes back on they nearly cry because they want to be in flip flops again!! As I write this, we have gotten half an inch of snow in the last hour, and they're forecasting anywhere from 2-8 inches depending on which TV station you watch. *sigh* I think I'll turn the heat up a little bit and leave my shoes off. Grownups get to play imagination games, too, right?


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