Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hot Tub Conversations

Josiah is our swimmer. But one of his favorite  locations at the Y pool has to be the hot tub. He was thrilled when going to the pool today to discover the hot tub (after being out of commission) for a few weeks was back in action.

I picked him up from his Homeschool Interaction day at the Y this afternoon. This was our conversation home.

Me: Did you have fun today?

Josiah: Yeah. The hot tub is fixed.

Me: Good. Did you work on your fly (his butterfly stroke)?

Josiah: Mmm. A little. I mostly sat in the hot tub. I had a talk with Sarah.

Me: Sarah? Who is Sarah?

Josiah: One of Hannah's sisters.

Me: Is she older or younger than Hannah. What did you talk about?

Josiah: She's younger. She just asked me who I liked.

Me: Oh (I can see where this is going!). What did you tell her?

Josiah: I told her I liked everybody. She asked me who I thought was cute.

Me: Did you answer her?

Josiah: Well, I told her that I thought Elise was cute.

Me: How old is Elise?

Josiah: I think she's 4.

Me: Oh! You do know that Sarah was asking you who might like as a girlfriend

Josiah: What! Nobody can have a 4-year-old as a girlfriend! I just think she's a cute little girl.

Me: That's why you've got to watch those girls! And, by-the-way, no girlfriends for a very long time.

Josiah: I'm good with that!

I'm not sure if I'm ready for this stuff! :<)

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  1. Hahaha. That's so funny that he thought she meant "a cute little girl."


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