Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A girl can't go too far in life without realizing that there are a few things she just can't live without.

1. Good sturdy underwear (my apologies to any of my uncles reading this...TMI?)

2. An occasional soak in a hot bath.

3. A rich indulging treat now and again. Chocolate anyone?

4. Some "One" who provides daily Grace.

5. And (most recently discovered) a reliable flash drive. 'Cause you never know when your computer is going to go crazy and you lose everything you have stored on said computer.

This has happened to me twice in the past 2 months. I'm beginning to get a complex. Not only have I lost beloved pictures, but this happened in the middle of doing many, many reviews. And (Yay!) I have discovered I needed to replace the battery pack in my camera.

My camera battery and its replacement are no longer charging. And to add to the fun we have discovered we need to replace our Wii remotes. How am I going to get my Just Dance fix? This is serious!

But. Considering the events of the week...mainly the horrific bombing that happened in Boston....we must always put things in perspective.

Remember that reliable flash drive? (Full disclosure: It does happen to be my mama's reliable flash drive, but I borrow it like I borrow her jewelry...often)

This was what was on it.

We just had these pictures taken Saturday. And despite the fact that I look like I could use a little more sun we were really pleased with them. It could be the subject matter.

So (big sigh) despite all of this technology drama...I'm a pretty blessed gal.

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