Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stella the Cat


This past weekend Josiah lost a friend.

Stella the cat was part of my mom and dad's farm. My mom had brought her home for my nephew, but she lived full time at the farm. She was one of Josiah's best buddies. She died on Sunday.  We got to see her. We knew she was sick. We loved on her and tried to make her comfortable.

Shortly after we got home from church on Sunday my mom called and told us Stella was gone. Josiah cried and cried. I opened up this picture on my computer and we stared at it and shared all the things we loved about Stella. He blew her picture a few kisses. Yesterday he wrote her a note.

Dear Stella, I love you. I'll miss you. Love, Josiah.

He hunt it on the refrigerator.

Last night my mom called. She brought home another kitten. Josiah said, "It will be good to have another cat at the farm. But nobody can replace Stella. She was a good cat. It's never going to be the same at the farm without her."


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