Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cousin Camp Day 4: It's Hot Out Here!

Hello from Cousin Camp. It's Day 4. Well. At least, it has been Day 4. All day, in fact.

The Cousins have piled on the living room floor on a variety of cushions. The Jammies are on and a movie has been put in the DVD player. And as soon as I've finished with this post I am going to bed. I'm honestly so tired I don't really care who is still up. I'm just hoping everybody eventually falls asleep.

It's been a long, hot day. We had a heat advisory today and had to miss some of our outside adventures. Ama (my mom) did take most of our annual Cousin Camp pictures. I'll share a few of those in just a minute.

Today in Cooking School we made cornbread. We knew Company was coming (my aunt, uncle and my very own cousin) for supper. I had Cowboy Beans on the menu. And what goes better with Cowboy Beans than cornbread!

I'm not sure what Maddy was discussing with Kalynn. It couldn't have been the cornbread!

To cook cornbread properly, a man must wear an awesome cowboy hat.

I divided the Cousins up into 2 groups. Each group made a pan of cornbread and each Cousin got to take turns adding ingredients. 

This group looks a little guilty. I'm not sure what might have gone into their pan of cornbread.

Now here is an expert Baking Soda Measurer.

I guess my Cornbread Making Class is a riot. At least I hope I said something funny and she wasn't laughing at my morning attire.

During this particular part of the class I instructed the Cousin to add bacon grease (in lieu of oil). Bacon makes everything better. I don't think they trusted my culinary choices.

But what do you do? I'm bigger and older. And I had access to a rolling pin or two. The bacon grease went in.

And nobody suffered in the process.

We did have an awesome stirring contest.

We left the Kitchen Aid on the counter. What did us old folks ever do without one?

It was a lazy afternoon. A movie. A ferocious Just Dance Battle or two. I played Beauty Shop with a few of the girls.

My Uncle Paul, Aunt Phyllis and my Cousin Crystal came for supper. The kiddos played some tether ball after we ate. And proceeded to take turns smacking each other in the face with the ball.

We gave Crystal a tour of the Farm. Isn't she cute? The Cousins thought so, too. She went home with plunder. A few of the girls shared some of their precious findings from our panning for gold activity we had yesterday.

Crystal was introduced properly to the Chikins. And to the BBD (Big Black Dog) Solomon. I'm thinking Crystal and I need to plan our own Cousin Camp. I'm pretty sure pedicures and chocolate would be involved.

I want to share some pictures with you that my mom took. She has been taking her grandkids' pictures since they were babies. I haven't been to an actual photo studio in years and years. You will see why in a minute.  She was worried about me sharing them right away. She has barely had time to go through any of them. I just wanted to share a few. I had a hard time choosing. But then again, I am so tired right now I am having a hard time deciding whether or not I need to get up to turn off the light before I go to sleep. Decisions, Decisions!

Madalyn - Age 9

Alexandra - Age 10

Brynn - Age 8

Payge - Age 4

Kalynn  - Age 16

Josiah - Age 11

Cade - Age 11

Chris - Age 16

The Whole Silly Bunch

The Twins

What a group! 


  1. Beke...Thanks for inviting us to experience Cousin Camp...we need to have one of these for grownups! I had a blast seeing the kiddos, hearing stories around the dinner table...and speaking of dinner...YUM! That secret ingredient did the trick! Thanks for all the hugs, the farm tour and a special thank you to the two little cuties that shared their precious treasures with me. It was a great evening!


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