Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Thoughts - The Thursday Night Edition

So it's been a few days since I've posted any Random Thoughts. So in honor of Thursday nights everywhere...I thought I'd share a few. You've been warned!

1. Some friends blessed us with a Wii remote. Both of ours have been out of commission for quite some time. Josiah is over the moon. He is currently battling the evil Empire and Darth Vader (in their Lego forms). All is right with the world. I'm just glad I will be able to enjoy Netflix (the poor man's cable) on our television once more as we pipe it through our Wii. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

2. Speaking of Netflix. I have been huddled over my laptop (thanks to our faulty Wii remotes) watching a variety of things. I was in a documentary kick for quite a while. Now I am watching British television dramas. I can tell you all about The Battle of the Bulge while reciting the cast of characters from "Call the Midwife." Not to worry. I'm not spending all my time watching Netflix. Sometimes I even get up to feed Josiah a PB&J. Kidding! Please don't send me any nasty notes. I occasionally throw in slices of apple ;<).

3. I am usually a bit of obsessive in my entertainment. If I watch one documentary on the Holocaust, I must watch all the documentaries I can find. I am currently also reading a huge stack of mystery novels by Anne Perry. She is one of my favorite mystery writers. She has a very colorful background as well. I've decided that I am going to read through a few of her series this summer. Last summer I was obsessed with Agatha Christie. Don't worry. I know when I've had too much mystery in my life. Take, for example, the highly suspicious couch the neighbors moved from an upstairs apartment this evening. There is no way anybody could have stuffed a body in that thing!

4. Josiah is going to miss out on the summer swim team. Which means I am going to have to make myself go work out at the Y.  I am generally faithful about getting my exercise in. For some reason I have been a bit sedentary lately. I've decided that I am going to "blame it on the rain" (a little Milli Vanilli for your Thursday night). We've had sooo much rain and all that weather makes the metal in my bones misbehave. You do realize that when we finally reach "summer" I will have to think of a better excuse.

5. In just one short week we will be loading up the car and heading to the great state of Indiana. I say it's great because it produced The Studly Muffin. We are visiting the in-laws. Can you believe they actually put up with me and my hillbilly ways?  The week after that Josiah and I are off to Cousin Camp. Which means I am going to spend this one short week getting my act together....baring the release of any new documentaries on Netflix.

That's all I have for tonight! We are going to celebrate The Studly Muffin's birthday tomorrow in style. There is buttermilk in the fridge (his favorite) and a possible trip to the bike shop. He's not in the market for a new bike...he just likes to go in and talk shop. It's the little things in life, folks.

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