Monday, June 3, 2013

TOS Review: See The Light

I have talked before about my early art experiences. My mom is a professional artist and for years I was included in her various art classes. I do not possess the same gift. Nor do I possess the gift to teach art beyond “color in the lines” and “make sure you wipe that glue off the table.” The kind of art I wish Josiah to be exposed to isn’t something I learned in public school. I can’t imagine instructing 20-30 kids in the various watercolor techniques.  However, while I certainly don’t have what it takes to teach art I do love “doing” art; regardless of the mixed results :<)

When I received an opportunity to review one of See The Light’s Art Project videos I was particularly excited. Josiah occasionally gets the chance to have a Master Art Class with Ama (his name for my mom), but she lives an hour away and I can’t utilize her like I would like to. The See The Light videos allow us to have a Master Art Class right at home at our convenience. Because I knew my Mom could set me up with crazy watercolor supplies, I asked to review Repeated Sweets.

What I received

 Repeated Sweets (DVD - intended for ages 10+) – 14.99

How It Works

Repeated Sweets is an instructional Art Project video by Master Artist Pat Knepley. The student is shown step-by-step how to create his or her own masterpiece in the style of Wayne Thiebaud, an American Pop Artist. 

The DVD is broken up into 4 teaching segments and in its entirety lasts 1.5 hours long. It is recommended that you should allow 3 or 4 hours total to complete your work of art. 

See The Light is a Christian ministry that focuses on the education all manner of art (performance art, music, fine art, etc.) and teaches Biblical principles right along with technique.  

How We Used It

I mentioned that I chose this particular project for Josiah because I knew I could score free watercolor supplies without any problem. I also knew that the subject matter would be extremely appealing to him. The boy has a sweet tooth. 

We started by gathering our supplies (from Ama’s art closet). The whole list can be found here, but you can see from this picture that we have a watercolor pallet, watercolor paper, a variety of brushes and more. I also snagged enough supplies for me. I promise I’ll show my finished work. 

One thing I liked about this  project was that while we were using a picture inspired by Wayne Theibaud as inspiration, we were also encouraged to personalize it. Josiah liked picking our his own treat to repeat.  Truth be told he would have liked it a lot better if I had brought in actual cupcakes.

Mrs. Knepley began by introducing the artist, Wayne Theibaud. She also referenced Andy Warhol and displayed some of his works.  The video was engaging and I liked the option of pausing it when we needed to. In some instructional videos the environment itself is distracting. In this video there is nothing in the shot other than the instruction. It kept my busy boy on track. 

Josiah was anxious to keep going, but with watercolor it is important for the paper and paint to dry between applications. This gave us the opportunity to take our supplies with us to my parents' house to visit for a few days. Have DVD...will Travel! That's another nice thing about this type of instruction. It's portable!

Josiah does own other shirts besides the one he is wearing (contrary to popular belief). He is in the "grab the closest thing" stage. Which is often from his dirty clothes basket. In the picture above you can see him practicing a technique Mrs. Knepley has just taught us. 

Our Art Station on Ama's kitchen table. Watercolor is a lot of fun!

Another day. Another lesson and Josiah begins to add the finishing touches to his masterpiece. We've progressed and he is wearing a different shirt!

 Josiah is explaining his technique to Ama.The Meeting of the Brushes.

I would encourage you to stop the video when you need to. Josiah needed a bit of reminding to take his time and not get ahead of himself. 

And it is finished! The Artist and his Creation. Josiah said, "Too bad I can't eat these!"

A closer look. I think he did a fantastic job. 

This is my creation. I had such a good time.

My Thoughts

I recommend Repeated Sweets to anyone and everyone! Mrs. Knepley is easy to understand and to follow. She has a gentle way of instructing and made the whole experience really enjoyable.  As a Christian mom, I appreciated that we were learning art techniques as well as Biblical truths. 

I also loved that this was something I could participate in! We also have the option to "repeat" it and create another project as often as we would like. I feel like the DVD is very reasonably priced and I look forward to checking out some See the Light's other Art Project DVDs. There are also free Art Lessons on the See the Light website. What a great resource!

Other members of the TOS crew reviewed additional Art Project DVDs. I encourage you to go check them out. 


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