Monday, July 29, 2013

8 Fun Things To Do With the Kiddos (When the Heat Keeps You Inside)

I don’t know what the weather’s like where you live, but we’ve had some hot ones! And to top it off my car doesn’t have air conditioner! And neither does The Muffin’s! 

I really need to get a handle on my use of exclamation points! Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. 

Our city really has some wonderful parks, but during the hottest summer months a day at the park becomes quite unbearable (let alone dangerous). And we happen to live in an apartment building. So me shooing Josiah out the back door every evening to blow off some steam isn’t an option. 

Now my idea of beating the heat involves a fan blowing right in my face, a good book and my feet propped up. I can’t see my 11-year-old boy deciding that’s the way to go, do you? 

In honor of our hot days and my Busy Boy (with the help of a few cousins) here are 8 indoor activities to “Beat the Heat.” Minus Josiah's favorite Lord of the Rings Lego game.

The Good ‘Ole Christmastime!
Bring out your favorite Christmas movies, make this easy recipe for frozen hot chocolate and celebrate the season!  If you are really ambitious you could start a few handmade Christmas projects. I think you will be thanking yourself in November.

Josiah made his own tornado using water, sea shells and a jar.

Mad Science Day
I really didn’t think of this one. Josiah did. He came running into my bedroom this afternoon. There was a science experiment he had found in a book we had checked out at the library. He decided that today would be a perfect day to try out it and a few others that had caught his fancy. There are tons of great experiments that take just a few household ingredients…I found a few fun ones and pinned them to my Mad Science Pinterest Board.  Gather up some supplies and experiment! You might even decide to host an impromptu science fair.

So I’m sure you’ve thought of this one. Make a list of a series of movies or (maybe some of your favorites from childhood, make a few fun flavors of popcorn, pull down the shades and there you go!  One of our favorite things is having movie marathons (along with their prequels, sequels and distant cousins) of a certain theme. Here is a list I made up of some old movies to add to our Movie Night rotation. 

Making Christmas Fudge!

Master Chef
So you know that this next idea is one that is near and dear to my heart. Plan a Cooking School.  Worried about heating up the kitchen?  Instead of “Cupcake Wars” host a “Popsicle Wars.” This site has some yummy ideas for unique popsicles. Gather a few ingredients together and have the troops make their own distinctive concoctions.

Somebody Clap Me!
Eenie Meanie Sassaleeny,
Opps ah tumbalini,
Achi cachi Liberace,
I love you,
Take a peach,
Take a plum,
Take a stick of bubble gum…
Anybody else spend their recesses with their BFF playing this clapping game? Or h how about Mary Mack, Mack Mack (all Dressed in Black).
Spend some time learning some of these fun clapping or jive games. This site gives a list of games along with videos. While you’re at it play a little Bear Hunt and do a few rounds of “Once an Austrian Went Yodeling.”  
Josiah and Cousin Maddie made puppets. These guys were $1 at Joanna's Crafts.

Lights! Camera! Action!
Make your own movie! This is a current project for Josiah. We are using my little camera that takes stills as well as video. I have the free Windows movie maker on stand-by and read to go. I’m not sure what the final product will be, but I will share once Josiah completes his masterpiece.  Puppet Shows are also a fun way to go. Make your own puppets, write your own scripts…good times. You can find more “Dramatical” ideas on my pinterest board. 

If You Build It…
Short of cash and long on creativity? Try your hand at creating out of cardboard. A lot of fun can had with a simple cardboard box. I have made a Pinterest Board just for the occasion. I am so inspired and can't wait to try one of these projects all on our own. I'm thinking about replacing the living room furniture, no? :<)

Don’t Look In A Book (Make your own!)
I know it sounds as if I have just committed Homeschooling  Blaspheme. One of my personal hobbies is Book Making. I think you will find that it is not as difficult as one might think. Also, there are so many variations on a handmade book. They can really be a special project.

This site has all sorts of wonderful tutorials for booking making. It’s called Making Books. I’ve used several projects. 

Your books do not have to be complicated. I have made many with Josiah. I love, love this idea for making a book from a stick.
Some of my most favorite things to do have been to make altered books. Josiah and I made this beautiful ocean book several years ago from an old book we found at the Thrift Store for .25. It is still one of my favorite projects.

I used scrapbook paper, odds and ends of "stuff" (you can see the puzzle pieces), some free lapbooking components I had found, an old book about ocean life (I cut up) and some of Josiah's artwork.

I guarantee you will find book making a pleasurable way to spend an afternoon inside.

Good Ole Fashioned Conversation
Turn everything off (except for maybe that fan), pour out some lemonade, gather everyone around and just visit. What a novel idea! In our crazy/all entertainment-all the time world the art of "conversation" has been somewhat lost. Some of the nicest times I've had has been just sitting on the couch with my boys...talking. It's not a novel or a new idea, but I think it's a pretty great one.
 So I hope I've given you an idea or two. I am linking up to the TOS Crew Blog Hop "Beating the Summer Heat." I look forward to reading what everyone else has to talk about. 


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  1. Great ideas! I need to check out your Pinterest cardboard box board. My girlies love cutting out and making creations with them, and I have a few boxes coming in the next couple weeks with more school stuff... :-)


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