Thursday, July 18, 2013

Serenading Chikins

Update: I apologize to those of you who saw an earlier edition of this post. It appears as if someone had taken control of my typing fingers and inserted nonsensical wording. I would blame it on my snotty head, but that can't account for the other 99% of the material in blog that never makes sense. I hope I have fixed all my boo-boos.

I'm working on "puny" this week. I hope it doesn't explode to the full blown "sick in bed." I've got too much to do. I'm sure none of you have ever been there.

While I wait to mark the next chore of my "to do" list I thought I would post this little video.

It isn't the best quality. And I seem to have shot lyrics and chords (shaky at that) for half the song and the "chikins" for the rest of the song.

Anyhoo. This is me with my Mom and Baby Sister. We had an impromptu sing-a-long after supper when we got together last week.

It isn't even a song we sing together. But I've learned to cherish those times we get to spend together. Even if it's sitting around the table with a cup of tea or enjoying a summer evening serenading the chikins.

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