Monday, July 8, 2013

Spray Bottles, Ping Pong Paddles, Ponds and Summer

I'm spending a few days on the farm. Baby Sister is visiting our parents from OHH-Klahoma with her youngest.  I don't get to see her that often. Her living in OHH-Klahoma and all. 

Tonight after supper, Josiah asked me if he could go float a boat in the Great Pond. Who can resist a turn around the Great Pond in an inflatable boat steered by plastic Ping Pong Paddles?  

Baby Sister's Youngest, Payge, came out too. She wasn't allowed to float around the pond, but I made sure she had another cool summer "must-have" in the country. The Spray Bottle. Good times. You're missing quite the action if you aren't sending your kiddos outside with a spray bottle filled with water. We're talking hours of entertainment. 

Josiah was perfectly content to work on his Ping Pong Paddle Stroke.

This is living.

He got a little comfy.

Then my mom came down from the house. Armed with her guitar. Nothing like a Hillbilly with a Guitar. We are so country we even bring out the dust mops (at this point the dust mop was a mystery) to lounge about in the evening. Solomon the BBD (Big Black Dog) was loving the whole bit.

Payge asked me if she could water the pond. I'm telling you. Hours of entertainment.

Ping Pong Paddle Success! I wonder if there is an Olympic sport for paddling boats with ping pong paddles? Do I need to sign him up?


 Shew! I think I swallowed a bug!

Meanwhile, Payge asked me if she could "touch the pond." Frankly, I'm not used to being asked first. Josiah is  a "barrel ahead" kind of guy. I'm sure nobody else as one of those.

The pond feels just like water!

Josiah started to plot his night spent out on the pond.

"Hey, Mom! Do you think we could hook up a TV out here in the boat? Maybe get some snacks?"

What is this? A Cruise Ship? The "Night on the Boat Dream" died when I told him that he couldn't have any ice cream unless he got out and took a shower. Bummer.

Have Spray Bottle. Will Travel.

She thought Josiah needed a little more water. She got him as he left the pond to go get a shower. She asked me she couldn't spray me just a little around the mouth. "Not the eyes, Aunt Beke!"

Cute!  But, no.

Josiah came back out after his quick shower. We discovered the mystery of the dust mop. Apparently, he had been using it as a walking stick. Go figure?

That's almost as good as the Ping Pong Paddles. We Hillbillies are resourceful folks.


  1. Looks like a fun day! New follower and crew member of your blog - stop by my blog anytime


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