Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School (Table for One)

So technically, we don't stop school (ever). I am one of the mean homeschool moms who go all year along. It's not as bad as it sounds...It's nice to have flexibility.

 This year I am scheduling 6 weeks on...1 week off.

However, that doesn't mean our summers are heavy duty by any means. We have had school. It's mostly been math and reading and we've used anything we might be reviewing at the time.

Today I brought out the big stuff (at least most of it). I unveiled our 6 week schedule and filled Josiah's binder with a brand new calendar and a new attendance chart.

I thought I would show just a glimpse of our school day. And then I'm going to take a nap. For reals. I think there are probably misconceptions about homeschoolers (other than the whole napping thing). This is what happened at our house today.

So what better to start the day than cupcakes for breakfast? Of course, now I'm speaking as someone who had too many cupcakes for breakfast....

I love the little bit of finger in there. I am pretty sure he washed his hands.  You understand that this is not a normal breakfast. This was a special day. A normal breakfast would have at least included ice cream!

I set out a little special plate and a sign (just in case Josiah forgot) and we were off! It's a rough commute.

I'm telling you. Cupcakes for breakfast were a hit! I'm not doing this every day. Too much of a good well...Too much! Josiah has decided, however, that cupcakes for breakfast is going to be a tradition.

Josiah marked his attendance page. There is a place for 180 days. Josiah told me to remember to ask him how he feels on the 179th day. Cheeky. 

 Bible Study. We are reading in Judges. Kind of wild goings on in Judges.
 Pretty interesting stuff for a boy.

A rousing game of "Go Fish." Actually, this is a game we played to review some math facts. See. And you thought we didn't have any fun.  I'm not going to tell you who won. That would be humiliating.

Language on the computer. By this point he was sipping Sprite from a bottle and wearing his shirt on his head. We don't keep pop (soda) in the house. This was a treat also. Not the best idea, I understand. The shirt on the head might as well be our school uniform.

Writing. Josiah made an  outline. I'm not sure where the shirt went. On second thought. This might be his school uniform. The boy has no decorum.

Handwriting. He worked on his cursive. I guess it's works better without a shirt. 

History (with a little geography thrown in). This school stuff is hard work. Sometimes I let him lie in the living room floor. I just didn't want you to think we weren't serious enough.

 Spanish. We are actually reviewing a Spanish curriculum we just got.  I, too, find it easier to recall when I put the cards on my forehead. 

Ah! You caught us! Despite some opinions this is not what most homeschooled kids do all day. Josiah had to earn his time today on the Wii by finishing his schoolwork. And yes. Those are his pajama pants. Details!

We also did some science today. We watched a video on the different kinds of clouds. Josiah is starting a unit on Extreme Weather. He's all about it. I think he might be a weather man in training. That is if he can find his shirt. 

I'm linking up to the Back To School Traditions TOS Crew Blog Hop! 


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