Monday, August 12, 2013

Downside Up by Tracey Mitchell

"When dealing with rejection, remember to view past experiences 
through the lens of God's love and grace."

Isn't that good? It comes from the book Downside Up by Tracey Mitchell. I recently had the opportunity to review this book. I don’t know why I requested to review it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a self-help book now and again…There have been a handful I’ve cried over. Maybe it was the front cover. I seem to identify with the girl who has apparently crash landed in the middle of a field. 

Here is the Synopsis from the Publisher. 

  A harsh reality of life is that it’s not always enjoyable. Everyone has experienced rejection. Whether in the form of hash words, unreciprocated love, loss or betrayal. Most people perceive rejection as a negative occurrence, when, in reality, rejection can be one of the most powerful tools in life.
Downside Up contains step-by-step guides, resources, and inter-active pages necessary to restore lost identity and transform dreams into reality. Downside Up offers wisdom, guidance, and personal application while also outlining and establishing key biblical principles that promote emotional and mental wellness. Readers will:

   ~ Understand the importance of developing a positive and God-designed self-portrait
   ~ Identify their life’s purpose and maximize their potential for success
   ~ Discover the value of godly mentors and other positive relationships
  ~  Overcome negative thoughts, fear, and lack of self-confidence

Rejection. Ugh. I think most of my life I have avoided it like the plague. I haven’t taken chances or invested in relationships because I didn’t want to end up heartbroken. But despite my best efforts to stay out of the comes. 

The truth is that all of us have experienced rejection. Rejection of a spouse, a child, a friend, an employer or a dream.  Downside Up contains real help to navigate those rejections and turn them into blessings. I read a good portion out loud to my husband on a trip. My husband kept looking at me, “Wow! That’s right! I can see that.” 

We are in the ministry. For the past several years we have been healing from a season of heartache and rejection. This book was a God send. Sometimes we have let the opinions and actions of others dictate or color what we feel God has called us to. There were several instances that Tracey Mitchell hit the nail on the head. It was like she had been privy to our innermost thoughts and fears. 

The book didn’t just cast a light on our woes. Ms. Mitchell gave us a clear “plain of action.” I think that God placed this tool in our hands for such a time as this. This book is for everyone. There is, however, great advice specifically for young women. I have a few young women in my life who need to read this. There are so many great truths! 

I am always a bit leery of advice that leans more towards humanism. I don't believe that we can all achieve great things for God based on own merit. The author offers a healthy balance between building self-confidence and learning to trust God to work His will. I am giving this book a thumbs up!

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