Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Schoohouse Expo: So Far

I have been enjoying listening in to the Schoolhouse Expo this week. Sometimes we all just need a bit of encouragement…no matter how much we think we might have it together. I, myself, always feel as if I am one toe off the edge into crazy land. 

That is why the kind of encouragement and inspiration I have been getting at the Schoolhouse Expo is so important to me. 

I’ve enjoyed all the speakers (that I’ve been able to catch). There was an unfortunate time period that we had to go to the Y for swim team practice this evening.  I missed getting to listen to Dean Butler live!! Thankfully, I am going to get a download of all these wonderful talks. So I will just have to pretend I was really there. 

I want to tell you about a few things I learned.
lIn September Schoolhouse Teachers is going to start a Video Making class. I know this is going to be right up Josiah’s alley. I really enjoyed listening Evonne Mandella talk about all the wonderful free sites she and her kids use to create videos.  Josiah is fascinated with this kind of thing. I know it’s going to be a hit.
lI got some great ideas on how to inspire my unmotivated student. And it reinforced some of things I already knew and that God had been dealing with me about implementing into our day. And none of them involve Duct Tape. Ding Dong it!
lI got some great project ideas (and tips) for teaching kids to sew. I even plan on using some of those tips in my own sewing projects. I have been contemplating doing a little quilting. I’m not sure if my husband could live with me if I started quilting. He is pretty patient with all my crazy apron making sessions.
lI was inspired to use simple children’s books to teach some of those higher thinking literature concepts. I am so excited about this idea. I think it will make the whole study of literature manageable. I have brainstorming to think about what picture book to use first. There are so many great ones. I’ll keep you posted.
lOne of my favorite speakers so far has been Ray Comfort. We had just walked in the door from Swim Team practice. I sat down just for a minute to watch the video in progress (in the middle of heating my dinner). I didn’t leave my chair. It was awesome. I can’t say enough about it. My chicken was cold, but who cares when there are such fallacies to be addressed (such as evolution). 

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s session. Andrew Pudewa will be sharing “Teaching Boys & Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day.” There is also a session on how to write your own book! I am really looking forward to hearing some more. 

It’s not too late to purchase a ticket to the Expo. They have dropped the price. The Mid-Way Ticket is only $17.
I have say that the Schoolhouse Expo for me has been a God send this week. I have just been blessed listening to like-minded folks who have walked the walk (or are walking) the walk we are presently on. So tonight as I get ready to wind down for the night I am going to bed with all sorts of warm fuzzies. My chicken may be cold, but my fuzzies are warm!

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