Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Geography Lesson

So. It's Tuesday. I'm still hanging on to my Monday Lag. You know about those don't you?

Josiah and I had somewhat of an adventurous weekend. We went on our weekend commute without The Studly Muffin. He was playing adventure man himself. He rode the Bike MS this past weekend with a buddy. It is 150 miles of bike riding. Sounds like a lot of hiney hurting to me.

Anyhoo. I'll blog a little bit about that some time this week (hopefully). 

Josiah and I spent the weekend at The Farm and I decided to come back early Monday. I wasn't going to take my normal route. I wanted to go "the back way." Which technically sounded good in my head. You see. Here in Southwest Missouri (as in most rural regions) there are a million and one little farm roads...heading who knows where.

When I took off from The Farm Monday morning I assumed I took the one that would lead me home. Let me just say in my defense...All run down commercial chicken houses look the same.

Do you know how many chicken houses are located in Southwest Missouri?

I also have to say that I knew exactly where I was. At least I was still in Missouri.

To make a long story short. I called The Studly Muffin. I couldn't call my Dad. After all, I am the only one of his children who have any sense of direction. Little Brother and Baby Sister inherited their sense of direction from my Mom. Which isn't saying much. Let's just say my Mom's best friend is her GPS. I just couldn't face my Dad. It would be like letting "the team" down.

So I called The Muffin. "Huh. Can you look on a map and tell me where I am?"

Silence. "What? You don't know where you are?"

"I just need you to tell me where Highway EE winds up!"

"I don't see EE on the map."

Don't worry. I finally stopped aimlessly wandering the hills and hollers and went back the way I came. The Muffin found where I had gone wrong and pointed me towards home.

Meanwhile, there was no help from my co-pilot. "Mom. You scare me!"

We eventually made our way back home. And what should have taken 1 hour and 20 minutes wound up taking more like 2 hours.

I told Josiah to just consider it a geography assignment.

When thinking about my own "lost" adventure, I have to consider life in general. How many times do we get off the path or suddenly realize we are in unfamiliar territory...no knowing which way to turn or what direction to take.

My hope is in a forgiving and loving Savior. Sometimes we have to take a rough and winding road to find our way back, but He is always there...To guide us home again.

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