Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tomorrow is Another Day (thankfully)

So I left you last night lamenting (almost an alliteration) about my mini breakdown in front of 20 strangers. 

I have to share with you the beautiful email my momma sent me late last night.

I expect your emotional reality check on life made much more impact on your audience than if you delivered a dry, factual lecture of "duh y ha bin berry berry good to meh".  Besides, God has given you these opportunities for a reason and He knows how you will share and exactly who needs to hear. Keep it real sweetie and test God's good judgement.
Love, your momma

This was exactly what I needed to hear. And course, sent me into another crying jag.

Fortunately, I am at that age where I can blame almost anything on menopause. TMI?

I will say that when I showed up at the Y today (without the paper bag I had contemplated wearing over my head) I was received as a conquering hero.

I think sometimes we (at least I do) of being perceived as something we are not. I want to appear poised, confident and put together.

Unfortunately, most of the time I am my own traveling circus.

Here is the whole truth of the matter. Or at least a few truths.

1. We all have issues. So maybe mine have been a little more obvious. I haven't been able to keep all of my pain private. I have a harder time pretending to be more than I am.

2. It's not always about me. 'Nuff said.

3. And in the words of Scarlett, "tomorrow is another day."

Scarlet had some wisdom. I think I might just go and whip myself up with that curtain (or was it a tablecloth?) my mom sent home with me to use for a project.

Have a mentioned I'm a bit crazy?

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  1. Always have & always will love your humor! Lavonna


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