Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Potato Fans

This is one of those recipes, when after trying it, I thought "where have you been all my life?" Upon further investigation (cause I'm a dork), found out that these are similar to Hasselback Potatoes, which is a Swedish recipe. 

I originally found Ina Garten's recipe, but have changed it up just a bit to incorporate some of my own food needs. I gushed so enthusiastically about my results that my mama made me (I went kicking and screaming, as you can see) make a whole passel of my potato fans when visiting the farm this past weekend.

I asked her to grab her camera and take a few pictures so I could share the magic with you.

First of all, I made a batch using Sweet Potatoes. I follow a low glycemic plan, so these are perfect for other like-minded eaters. Or you can make them because you like sweet potatoes. I happen to love them.

The goal is to make slices all down the potato. Don't go all the way through (though it is not a "throw the potato away" offense). I slice them to about 1/4 to the bottom. 

Oops. I forgot to tell you something important. Cut off a very thin slice from the bottom. It will help the potato stand up. Just ignore our little potato bugger.

Place the potatoes on foil. You can see that this particular potato lost its end (I cut it off), but I stuck the offending slices back in between the other slices.


Then get a variety of stuff out of your spice cabinet. For the sweet potatoes I chose simple spices. Garlic salt, black pepper & Rosemary leaves. Melt 2 T. of butter and 2 T. of coconut oil together. If you haven't been lured to the coconut oil side you can use olive oil. 

Brush the butter all over in and between. And wear a white shirt. That way you can be assured to dump, spill or splash something greasy all over you. That's how I roll.

 All dolled up. I also sprinkled nutritional yeast over the top. I really could have waited until after they were cooked, but they turned out just as yummy.

Put them in a 450 degree oven. You will need to set the timer for 10 minutes.  After the 10 minutes, brush the potatoes again with the butter mixture. My mom wants to point out how nice and clean her oven is. I'm afraid I can't say the same about my own oven.

This is the "passel" of white potatoes. I used the same method, except I nixed the garlic salt, pepper and Rosemary leaves. Instead, I used some Memphis style rub. Oh, yes...

After  you brush butter on the potatoes (10 minutes), the potatoes will cook another 45 minutes or so. Just check on them often. I like the skins to be crispy and the insides to be buttery soft.

This is the finished Sweet Potato. They are unbelievably rich and moist. Not to mention the sweet potato skin is one actually worth eating.

The options for this recipe is endless! Try out your own favorite spice combinations and blends. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. This is such a great idea! And I loved how you said "If you haven't been lured to the coconut oil side you can use olive oil." LOL!

    Oh yes, I have been lured to the coconut oil side....


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