Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Thoughts: I Thought We All Had Bangs

I know! It's been a while since I've posted anything "Random." I know you've missed my ramblings about nothing in particular. It's the best part of your week, right? 

Before I start (rambling), I want to take just a minute and address a very sad occurrence that has happened in my community. A young girl was taken from the street and murdered by a local coach. I can't even believe I am typing this and that I'm including it in my "Random" post. I tried to write a post about what had happened and my feelings, but I didn't think it was appropriate right now. Not that I don't have my opinion...but it's not my story. It is about a beautiful young girl and her family. I think it's going to be a long time before my community comes to terms with this. Things like this just don't happen here. We are all hugging our babies a little closer today.  Would you please extend your prayers and thoughts to all of those involved? 

Now that I've shared just a little of my we go!

1. Okay. So maybe I'm not done. I really think that we have to be careful not to make other peoples tragedies about us. Here me out. How many times do you see something happening around the world and out of the blue a certain "group" shows up seeking publicity for their cause. Are you kidding me? I'm worried that it's going to happen here. I would discourage such actions. You don't want to get a bunch of hillbillies riled. Just sayin'...

2. Speaking of hillbillies....My mom and I took a bit of a detour a few weeks ago in search of a Mennonite grocery store. It's a long story, but here is just a little taste of where the GPS lady led us. 

Oh yes, she did! This picture is just one of many views we saw our on our journey. My mom made an adorable little video chronicling our trek, but I still need to upload it. I will share...I promise! I will say this. I was driving.

3. Next time, I'm thinking we should take my car. Not that Mom's little Geo Tracker didn't get the job done. But my car has a whole back seat full of stuff I need to get to the Goodwill. It has been this way since before Christmas. Don't judge me. It's been cold. It's not easy to be generous and industrious when you're cold. However. I was thinking that next time we get lost at least we would have supplies. No telling what I have back there in my donation bags.

4. I seldom get huffy. It's just not in my nature. I might have a "beef" with you, but you probably won't know it. There was an instance this past week, however, that almost "done me in." Okay. Here is the deal. When I go to the YMCA there are only certain machines I can use because of all the pins and screws in the lower half of my body. My favorite machine is called the "nu step." One day this week I went up during Josiah's Swim Team practice and a lady was using the "nu step." That's alright. I can share. I popped myself up on the treadmill and started walking. This is where it got hairy. The lady hardly used the machine at all! She was using it as a sofa to watch Dr. Oz on the big screen in front of her! Of the 30 minutes I was on the treadmill, she probably used the machine a total of 3 minutes. So. Do I say something? Do I politely recommend that she move over to the recumbent bike next door? Not me. After all, the world isn't going to end. Maybe she gets poor television reception at home? Maybe she can't do two things at watch TV and exercise?  It's no skin off my nose.

5. The Studly Muffin has jury duty this morning. He was originally scheduled for Tuesday morning. Then Wednesday morning. Now it's Friday morning (his day off) and he is sitting up at the courthouse with 186 other conscientious citizens. We had planned a day out. Instead I am forced to do housework and Josiah has to finish his homework for the week. Never fear. Our justice system is in good hands with The Muffin. He is wise. I'm all like "You people better just be nice! Don't try and tell me you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Next time do what your mama told you to do!" Can you tell I have just a few issues?

6. Apparently, I have StarKiller living at my house. One of Josiah's favorite Christmas presents has been a Star Wars video game he got from his Grandma and Papa Teague. The main character's name is StarKiller. Josiah has decided that StarKiller is an absolute fantastic name and therefore wishes to be called such. Whenever I have hollered at him (for various reasons), "Josiah," I hear this voice in the back...."It's StarKiller, Mom!"  One of these days I am going to use this memory as a tool to my advantage. I'm thinking it will be a fun story to tell his college buddies..or future wife.

7. I have to share a funny story. This is not my story. It is Baby Sister's. She has a Random child. Baby Sister, herself, is not Random.  Payge is Baby Sister's youngest child. She is a delightful nearly 5-year-old who among her other amazing qualifications can speak "dog." True Story. Just ask Payge. This past week the family was at supper. Paula (Baby Sister) and her dashing husband Greg were discussing something (I'm sure it was grand) and Payge pipes up in the middle of nowhere. "I thought we all had bangs?" The rest of the family just stops and turns in her direction. What? Where did that come from? There had been no discussion of bangs or any other hair issues.  This is just further proof that no matter who you are and how well your head is placed on your shoulders...your children might just inherit your older sister's Fruityness. Just go with it.

That's all I have for today! My son has been making strange comments about apparently starving. Silly boy. He knows where we keep the peanut butter.


  1. it is good to ramble at times for sure.
    So sad about the little girl but so much is happening like this lately,breaks my heart

  2. I know we all get peeved sometimes, Sorry you didn't get to use the machine. i know how hard it is when you want to use something and can't.

  3. that is too funny about the GPS. You can't trust those things! One time I was at a conference for work and we were trying to find a bob evans, well 45 minutes later we ended up at a john deere store in the middle of nowhere!

  4. Loved the randomness!! I, too, am a queen of random. And I have probably said something like, "I thought we all had bangs," at some point in my life. I tell people, however, that I'm not random, it's just that they don't think as fast as I do. :-) Really enjoyed reading all of this. Have a great weekend!

  5. SO sorry to hear what happened in your community! Stopping in from the 100 Day Blog Challenge!

  6. Random posts are so fun! Glad to know I'm not the only one that has bags of stuff to donate that hasn't gotten there yet because of the weather!

    Stopping in from BYB.

  7. First, the little girl. I don't care what anybody says, our world is going entirely in the wrong direction. Roll your eyes if you will, but you raise your children with compassion - keep them close - make them feel true unending love and show them complete respect - they will grow up to be compassionate, empathetic well rounded adults - who do not take little children and kill them. Sorry, but it's true. If you show them anger by hitting them, talking down to them, abusing them, making them feel small and inadequate, they will grow up to be angry resenting people - who will then do the same to someone else.


    Why doesn't anybody get that? It's so dumb.

    Anyway, I am very interested about the lady on the machine watching Dr. Oz. Was she just standing there? I would have gone up to her and politely asked if she was done because I would like to actually use it. I don't think that's mean. I think it was rude of her to take up a machine and just watch TV. She can go to Best Buy and watch Dr. Oz.

    Just my opinion.

    Thanks so much for participating in the Blog challenge!

  8. Ha ha, I love it when boys decide they have to change their names to be a superhero or something similar. Sounds like you should be hibernating instead of driving off the beaten track!

  9. I saw the story of that young girl. How tragic! I'm sorry you weren't able to use the exercise equipment you wanted. I wouldn't have said anything, but I would have stewed about it for the rest of the day.

  10. That's horrible. I can't imagine. #BYB100


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