Monday, March 31, 2014

A List for Spring

My mom took this picture of the bunny a few years ago. My parents' farm is busting with interesting wildlife. Not that this bunny was so unique. He (or she) was just curious. The threat of being chased around the property by the BBD (Big Black Dog) was worth a looksee at the garden.

This, my friends, is 165 pounds of love. He wuvs me. He also wuvs the bunny. Just in a different way (if you catch my drift). 

So I've been experiencing a mighty vicious case of Spring Fever. Fortunately, I've not caught the other kind that seems to making its rounds.

I've got so much to do. So many things I want to do. There are too many cute blouses in my closet dying for some warm weather attention. Even hay fever sounds like a happy alternative to another week of dreary weather. Anybody with me?

Today I made a long list. I've got a massive amount of reviews I'm tackling...not to mention a few other blog projects I'm working on. I'm also trying to do some major decluttering and Spring Cleaning. This kind of action deserves a very special List.

I've decided that along with my List of "Things that must be done or I might has well hide" I am going to write down a list of "Things I have to do this Spring before it's Summer." Just because.

1. Get a pedicure and have my toes painted Bubble Gum Pink. My feet haven't seen the light of day all Winter. This could be scary.

2. Take trip with Josiah to the Botanical Gardens. I want to watch the birds, admire the spring flowers and tree buds. I want to gaze the swans on the lake and try and avoid the geese (ornery birds).

3. I want to plant a few herbs in pots for my balcony. Dill, chives, basil and parsley.

4. Along with my herbs, I want to plant a few little purple petunias to add to my balcony garden. They are good to wave their purple heads at friends and neighbors.

5. I want to sit for a whole afternoon outside. I want to feel the fresh and breezy clean of Spring on my face. I want to watch the clouds drift across the sky. If I fall asleep... so be it.

6. Walk barefoot in the grass. Squish my toes into fresh dirt and pretend I am just a girl again.

7. Make a Hummingbird Cake I can eat.

8. Take my family on a picnic. Nothing beats a pasta salad and cold chicken for a picnic.

9. Visit the farmer's market. Somebody probably has something I absolutely need.

10. Make a point to smile every day.

So what is one your List to do this spring?

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