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A TOS Review: Egglo Entertainment

easter games

Raise your hand out there if you’re ready for Spring. Now don’t be shy. I think most of us are ready for the long winter that was (and maybe still is) to be over. I’m anxious for some warm, sunshiny days with time for afternoons at the park.

Spring is truly a special time for Christians. I think that every day is a gift from the Lord and that we truly should be mindful of the gift of the Cross. However, Easter is for remembrance and celebration. I love to have activities that help bring the Message home.

Now I know that Easter is still a few weeks away, but I got recently got to review a very special set of Egglo Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book from Egglo Entertainment.

What I Received
Egglo Entertainment has created a series of products for a truly unique Easter Egg Hunt  experience. This experience emphasizes the light of Christ in a fun and exceptional way.
The products are intended for children of all ages, but are targeted for kiddos 4-13. I happened to have a 3-year-old in the mix for this review and he did just fine.

I personally received:

I have plenty of Egg Hunts under my belt. My husband and I have more than 25 years of Children’s Ministry experience. Even after we became Senior Pastors I was still extremely involved in our Children’s Ministries program. I can also tell you that we have been at bigger churches and smaller churches. It’s a rewarding and challenging work either way.
As important as it has always been for me to keep Christ in the center of our Easter Celebrations (He is the whole deal, after all) as a Children’s Minister, it has even become more of a burden that my own son truly has encounter with our Savior.
I decided I would take the Egglo Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book   with me to our friends’ house. We generally meet up every week for our Reading Club and this was a perfect opportunity to try the Eggs out with a gaggle of kids.
To start with, I read through The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide. It is 60 pages filled with ideas for churches and groups alike to help plan a nighttime Egg Hunt. Now I have never done a nighttime Egg Hunt, but I can tell you after reading through the program guide I am excited to try one. The guide contains ideas on decorating, planning fun Easter games, snack ideas and devotion ideas. There are lots of printables…including invitations and posters. There are a good number of printable coloring pages. I did print a few of those off to take to share with our friends after our Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt.
Check out the action below. The boys were worried they would wind up with the pink eggs. Wimps.
easter egg games

Now here is one who appreciates all that is pink.

easter games for girls

Before we started with our story, we filled our  Glow in the Dark Eggs with the Scripture Scrolls. Then the boys put the eggs out on the back deck to charge in the sunlight. You can also charge them under a bright lamp. We took advantage of our nice sunny day. The audio download is really cute, but for this day (since it was our Reading club) I read the story out loud. 
easter hunt ideas

The story itself is exciting. It is centered around a group of kids,  Ana and Hardy and their cousin, Pascal. Their dog, Zeke, also is along for the adventure. The kids discover a mysterious glowing Easter Egg in their attic. What happens next leads them on a quest… filled with ancient relics, a volcano and even a deep sea adventure. All throughout there are lessons in humility, reliance on God and, of course, the most important message of His Love. The kids are challenged to be a Light in a dark world.
I can tell you that this group of kids got into the story. They were excited to see what was coming next.  I personally found  the quality of the illustrations to be stellar. It is a sturdy, soft-covered book of good size.  
Now because I wasn’t going to wait around until evening to have our Egg Hunt (this girl had stuff to do), we decided to hide them in dark places around the house. The pantry, 2 bathrooms and my friend’s closet became the hiding ground. 

So this is a picture of the eggs...glowing in the dark. Pretty cool. 
glow in the dark eggs

Aw! These cutie pahtooties show off their spoils.
easter game ideas

After all the Eggs were discovered, the kids took turns opening their eggs and reading the scroll inside. All the scrolls contained Scripture. It was a great way to reinforce what we had been discussing.It was also good reading practice!
easter game ideas

glow in the dark eggs

glow in the dark egg hunt
After the reading of the scrolls,we set out the coloring pages.
Now this is some serious coloring. Soo cute!

My Thoughts (and other Tidbits)
We had fun! And not only was our Easter Egg Hunt entertaining, but the lesson was so important. The lessons that came out through the book were not just simply a Bible Story, but they taught character qualities.  This is a unique product. I don’t think I’ve ever used another like it.
One of my bigger complaints with some plastic Easter Eggs is that they come apart easily. Anybody else had to use Scotch Tape to reinforce 1,000 eggs before? Not fun. The Glow in the Dark Eggs are sturdy. There is a bit of a trick to put them together, but it wasn’t anything a 5-year-old couldn’t figure out. I also love that they are rechargeable. Glow-in-the Dark products have been a mainstay in our Children’s Ministry for years. I love the things that I can use over and over again.
Another nice thing about these particular products is that they can be used alone or with other resources. The Glow in the Dark Eggs and Scrolls are something I plan on using again this Easter in our Children’s Church. I think that this is a fun and unique product. I would recommend it to parents and Children’s Pastors alike!  I believe I also spotted coupon codes on the website for those who need to purchase 10 or more boxes of the eggs. You know I’m just looking out for my Children’s Pastor peeps!

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Now go be that Light! 

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