Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Weighth Loss Journal: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Oospie. I realized at the beginning of the week I didn’t post a Weight Loss Journal last week. I certainly didn’t do it on purpose. Maybe. 

So this week was a good one for many reasons. I have been doing a new exercise routine and I haven’t missed a day (more on that in a minute). I have had sooo much more energy. A few weeks ago I would have a few hours of zip and only to zip out early and fast. 

For one, I had to put a few carbs back into my diet and I really believe my new workout is giving me increased energy. 

One thing in my weight loss journey I’ve learned is that you have to be willing to switch things up. It is also easy to lose focus the longer you’re on the journey. 

And then there was the not so good parts of the week. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a big obstacle course. Some days I am zipping right on through. Hurdling over cheeseburgers. Dodging hot fudge sundaes. Working through my workouts like nobody's business. 

Then the big one comes. Something nasty that threatens to take you out of the whole race. 

Okay So maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. A big thing that threatened to derail me just a bit this week was that Josiah was really sick. Wednesday night his fever spiked to 104. Having sick kiddos is not only worrisome, but it can do a number on even the best laid plans. I think the main thing is to focus on what is right in front of you. Obviously, my sick fella was my number one priority. I missed quite a bit of sleep, had pizza for breakfast and was really late in taking my own meds, but I survived. 

Here is something else I thought about this week. Discouragement is my biggest obstacle. When I don't feel or see results it's easy to say, "Well. It's not working anyway. It won't do any good. I might as well stop." 

I have learned not to focus on the big picture so much. Otherwise I am overwhelmed with the enormity of it all. I find it’s important to constantly reexamine my goals and lay out specific steps on how I can reach those goals. One thing I have been hyperfocusing on (anybody else do that?) is that I look heavier at a certain weight that somebody else might. I watched a video this week that talked about body shape and build. Even though I am on the tall side of petite, I have a short-torso, long legged build. Which means I have no rear end and all my weight settles in my middle. There isn’t enough space on my torso to carry that much weight.  I can’t focus on what I can’t change, so I simply must do the best I can for my issues.  Which means I continue to fight the good fight. And don't give into the those impulses to sabotage myself whenever I am feeling low.

Move It! Move It!
So on to my new workout. I had been hearing about T-Tapp for quite some time. I have been working out at the Y a couple of times a week. That is good (obviously), but there is so much I can’t do because of my orthopedic issues. I am simply not getting the same kind of results as I did when I first started losing weight. I watched a little a bit about T-Tapp on Youtube and was intrigued because the creator of T-Tapp (Teresa Tapp) uses smart science. She also is mindful of folks who have had “issues” or injuries. 

And I saw that the Basic Workout is only 15 minutes. Now I can do 15 minutes! 

I can tell you that this workout…works you out! I was sore. But in a good way. I’ll let you know how it goes. I can reveal that yesterday I put on a pair of jeans that I couldn’t wear before Christmas. Yay!
I am continuing my workouts at the Y. After all, they are good for my heart. T-Tapp is going to be an everyday routine for me. I am already feeling better. 

I shared a recipe this week for Cheesy Spaghetti Squash. I also wanted to tell you about a yummy ice cream. Yes! Ice Cream. It is dairy free and from SoDelicious. I got it back in my grocery store’s organic food section. It is made with either almond milk or coconut milk. And it so Sooo Delicious! 

Scale Says!
True Confession. I am not paying attention to the little bugger right now. As recommended by my T-Tapp guru, I just going to measure for a time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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