Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Weekend in Pictures

It's been a little quiet on the blog. I had computer trouble. My laptop decided that it didn't like being connected up to  internet anymore via WiFi.  What's with that? I like to be able to wander around with my laptop. Being tethered to a desk cramps my style. Thankfully, my mom is some sort of computer whisperer. I am now propped up in the corner of my couch with my laptop. All is right with the world again.

So. This girl turned 42 on Friday. I had a wonderful day and a beautiful weekend. I wanted to share a few (relatively) pictures. With limited commentary. Maybe.

I can't believe I am posting this. This was the morning of my birthday. I intended to take a picture of my cute headband. I must have gotten distracted and possibly startled (hence the strange expression).  I don't do selfies. And this, my friends, is why. Plus, it looks like the maid forgot to clean the mirror.  Not to mention you can see my double chin in all its glory.Anybody got some duct tape?

The Studly Muffin and Josiah first took me shopping. Yay! And then we went and had Sushi for my birthday lunch. Do you know how many years I've chosen Sushi as my birthday lunch? Neither do I, but it's been a bunch. I didn't get any pictures. I was too busy eating.

We headed to Joplin (about an hour away) after lunch to pick up a bike The Muffin had ordered. Yes...I know it was my birthday, but he had ordered it 2 weeks ago. Plus, it was a gift to me to see how excited he was. I love this man!

After shopping The Goodwill in Joplin (which is a great Goodwill), we headed to my parents' farm. My mom made fish tacos and This.

It is a Gluten Free, Sugar Free Carrot Cake. Oh, yes! It was delish. Recipe coming later. I promise. I wrote it down.

There was also this. Homemade Mango Sorbet. Yummy. Sugar Free.

Saturday morning was cloudy, but perfectly lovely.

Josiah attacked a trash pile. We burn our trash out in the country. Trash service doesn't get out everywhere. Josiah stood over it like a sheep herder of old. Nothing was getting by him. He loves burning trash. It must be a boy thing.

My Dad did gardeny things. This little patch is quite vibrant during gardening seasoning. Now it's plot of nothingness. Wow! I'm getting kind of philosophical in my old age. I am not sure what he's planting. Old age has done nothing to help me there.

The afternoon was spent at my Great-Aunt Ruby's 95th Birthday party. We all got in the car and headed 30 miles south to Anderson.

This is my Dad, Aunt Phyllis and Aunt Ruby. My Aunt Phyllis is one of my Dad's older sisters. He has 6 sisters. Yes, sir! He is 3rd to the youngest. 

Aunt Phyllis made cake. And punch. And this was not Sugar Free or Gluten Free. But who can turn down such yummy treats at her Great-Aunt Ruby's 95th birthday party? Not this girl!

After Aunt Ruby's party we headed south just a bit more so we could show Josiah the cliffs that hang over the road. At least I think it was south. I do know we used to go this way when we visited Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gerald and they live in Arkansas. Which is most certainly South of Missouri. Didn't think you would get a geography lesson today, did ya?

There were canoe rentals, etc. everywhere along this stretch. Which sounds like fun if I were into canoes and such. Which I'm not.

Ooo. Cliff's and stuff. And a sign for a windy road. And my Mom's little hedgehog/bear/dog thingie. Aren't you glad you stopped by the blog today?

There is one part of this road in which the cliffs almost completely hang over the whole road. Pretty nifty. As long as there aren't any falling rocks.

This is a little restaurant outside of Anderson in a cave. I really wanted to stop, but nobody else in the car acted like they were so inclined. There was also a great dollar store...Another day!

Sunday (after enjoying temps in the upper 60's) we enjoyed some of this.

I'm still cold. And it reached 66 today. We better have a great Spring. That's all I'm saying.

Meanwhile, this old woman needs to go do something productive. I think that mirror in the bathroom needs some attention.

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