Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Days of Culinary Adventures for Boys: Wild & Peculiar Cooking

Years ago we lived outside Memphis, TN. Downtown Memphis featured a restaurant where you could go pick out your own steak and cook it on a massive grill. Along this grill was every seasoning known to man. Men stood around this grill armed with turning forks...sprinkling this and dashing that.

I never got the attraction. I let The Muffin cook my steak. I went out to eat...not to cook.

I think it was the Call of the Grill. Cooking in the elements holds a fascination for many. I want to give you a few challenges and resources to help your young man find his inner Wilderness Survivor.

1. This site (which made me pucker up...and not in a good way) has all manner of Wilderness eating. Just in case you ever want to eat a bug they will tell you how. Boys will undoubtedly find this fascinating.

2.  And in case you want to eat your bugs first here is a site (with illustrations) on how to build all kinds of cooking fires. I think it would be a good printable.

3. I thought this was cute. Cooking eggs in a paperbag.

4. Here is a video of Easy Emergency Wilderness Survival Food. Just in case you leave your campfire at home.

5. Just in case you don't have time to drag the boys into the wilderness you can find wild edible plants in your backyard.  Of course, when you start foraging you need to be sure you know what you are foraging for. All God's creations are not harmless....even if they are pretty.

6. I mentioned yesterday that I enjoy watching Depression Cooking with Clara. She talks in the video above about making a dandelion salad.

7. Some of my favorite meals are Hobo Meals. You can make these over an open campfire, on top of a grill or in the oven. You can find my post for Hobo Meals here. Try these at home with your guys. They will be a hit!

A really yummy campfire dish are Campfire Banana Boats

I want to discuss Peculiar Foods just for a minute.  If your son is like mine any food that is not a pancake, mac & cheese or comes from a fast food restaurant is a Peculiar Food. I promise that I've exposed the child to new and different things since he was able (to be exposed). Sometimes we just have those picky eaters.

Nevertheless, strange food is somewhat a fascination. Here is a challenge.

The challenge is to take your son to a store like The Dollar Tree and have him choose items that he is unfamiliar with along with some familiar things and make a dish.

It's amazing what they will be willing to try if it is there own creation!

I thought briefly I would take him to the Asian Food Market (which we love)...but I thought the Dollar Tree would be more contained and a little easier for me to assist (which I didn't need to).

He took this challenge very seriously and finally settled on the ingredients below.

He wasn't familiar with the pickled vegetables or asparagus tips. He decided that he would make a pasta salad. I was pleasantly surprised. However, I think he came up with this choice because he had helped me make a pasta salad a few weeks ago. This stuff made sense to him. I was also surprised he didn't make a beeline towards the canned fish.

He wanted a tomato in his salad and because he likes ranch dressing on his lettuce salads he decided to use it as the dressing to his pasta salad. 

He was pretty proud of himself.

It was actually quite yummy.

And if your guy is into the real peculiar foods the series Bizarre Foods is a fun one to watch. There are plenty of episodes on Youtube. I've included just a snippet of this one on Strange Bugs in Madagascar. I think your guys will get a kick of it. Mine did.

I've hope that you've gotten some inspiration this week from this series.

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