Friday, April 18, 2014

Random Thoughts: While the cake is cooling....


My week has flown by. Between a homeschool convention last weekend and sick boy for most of this week...Not to mention I'm at least a month behind schedule.

Enough complaining. I've got some Random Thoughts to share tonight. So while I'm waiting for a cake to cool so I can frost it (because I can't possibly be bothered with cleaning off that stack of odds and ends on my table), I'll do some rambling. Lucky you.

1. I love our local Homeschool Convention. Popular to contrary belief, I don't know everything.
Attending every year gives me a much needed boost of inspiration and is a healing balm for my weary mind. This parenting/homeschooling gig is tough stuff. Our Homeschool Convention is reasonably priced and just down the road a bit from me. Which makes it doable on many fronts. This year I was smart and wore comfy shoes. One of my best buddies also brought me a fanny cushion. I love her. My fanny was nicely cushioned all weekend. I think I need to start carrying one with me...for all those random fanny sitting moments.

2. This year the convention just so happened to coincide with the Color Run. 1000's of runners/walkers gathered in the grassy patch right next door the convention center. You could see the Tutus from a mile away. We did get a glimpse of the participants after they had been blasted. They kind of looked how I feel most of the time. A bit dazed and confused.

3. Wednesday morning Josiah woke up with snot. This wasn't ordinary snot. It was the never ending fountain of snot. He finally took to stuffing Kleenex up his nose. He also insisted that he was perfectly fine to go to swim team practice. He had a change of heart when I (graphically) explained the meeting of snot and pool water. His nose is still running. Though it is now more of a trickle and less like a gusher.

4. So I'm in charge of Easter desserts. I did volunteer. Mostly because I could make something I could eat. But here's the thing. I am not a baker. I have a few standbys I can manage without total disaster. However, Holidays are usually when I have the worst luck. I started my baking this afternoon. Along with supper. I had a coconut cake, chocolate cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, chocolate chip cookies, twice baked cauliflower salad, pan fried fish and roasted brussel sprouts....all going at the same time. The real food was for supper. I need to maybe work on time management. Ya think?

5. Today's disaster involved the coconut cake. My go-to recipe is extremely rich and definitely not sugar free. I attempted to recreate it using more healthy ingredients. I was envisioning a tall, beautiful and luscious coconut cake. It didn't happen. About 7pm I was on my way back to the store. This time I got ingredients to make one of those old-fashioned poke cakes. They are hard to mess up. The jury is still out. It's the cake cooling on the counter. At least my other desserts turned out. .

6. Josiah insisted that he go with me. He made the chocolate chip cookies and has been my sous chef all evening. He told me that he needed to inspect the ingredients. I have a feeling it had more to do with snagging a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup at the checkout. He was disappointed. Mama don't play.

7. On our way to the store I pulled up to an old car. The whole engine was exposed. The car was as rusted as could be and loud. Very, very loud. There was a beautiful girl sitting in the passenger seat who, when we stopped at the stop light, looked over at me apologetically. I smiled at her as we silently commiserated over the clunkty-clunk of the old car. The driver was a young man who was probably her boyfriend. He had this "aw shucks" persona and practically beamed with satisfaction. Josiah couldn't stop staring. I could see stars in his eyes. "That car is cool," he said. As they drove away the girl put her hands over her ears. We could see a variety of wires and pipes hanging from the bottom of the car. It looked like one of those "do-it-yourself" battery kits. Josiah's already making plans for his cool, rusty car. I'm thinking I need to invest in ear plugs.

8. The Studly Muffin took Josiah on a bike ride today. They road 10 miles. I thought for sure that Josiah would be ready for a nice, long nap this afternoon. No such luck. That boy has more energy than the energizer bunny himself. I don't get it. He wears me out just looking at him. He will come home from swim team practice after doing consecutive 200s in the pool. And bounce of the walls. Remind me to tell you of the call we got last week one night about midnight. It seems someone was bouncing around in his room. And possibly reenacting the Revolutionary War. Or at least a Jedi battle.

9. Easter plans? We are heading to the farm tomorrow (Easter desserts in hand). The Muffin has some fishing on his mind and Josiah is anxious to meet up with the cousins. I would like to paint my toenails. Is that too much to ask? I wore flip flops today to the grocery store. I'm sure the state of my pedicure was enough to frighten small children. I'm such a girl.

10. Well. My cake is cool and it is time for phase 2. Frost the thing. I want to leave you with one of my favorite songs. It is one I can listen to not just for Easter, but all year long.  It is absolutely fantastic.

Have a blessed Easter weekend...

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