Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bodacious Bikes, Bold Burglars and Brillant Blessings

So I’ve really got the “B” words working for this post. 

I had a perfectly pleasant (if dry) post ready to go for this week’s Blogging Through the Alphabet. I was going to share all about our trip to the Butterfly House in St. Louis several months ago.
I am such a dedicated blogger. I have been meaning to blog about The Butterfly House. Folks. We went the day after Thanksgiving (2013). This is now May of 2014. Obviously I have had other things on my plate. For one thing the 4th season of Downton Abbey went live on PBS in January. Now I’m enjoying Call the Midwife and Dancing with the Stars (Candace Rocks!).

Anyhoo. As I said, the Butterfly House post was almost ready to go. And then this week happened.
Last Saturday, while preparing to leave town for my Mom and Dad’s farm, I had a tussle with Troy’s Bike Rack. The Bike Rack won. 

This is what happened. We were going to take my car to the farm, but I had had Josiah stick something in The Muffin’s trunk earlier in the week. No biggie. I just opened the trunk. With the Bike Rack still on it. 

It’s a heavy bugger (I just can’t stop with the “B” words!).

Unfortunately for my chest the trunk closed and the Bike Rack plowed right down the middle of it.
Leaving me forever scarred. 

Another unfortunate little fact is that years ago I fractured my sternum in a car accident (along with a bunch of other bones). My sternum is still kind of wonky. Now it’s wonkier. 

Then. I can’t even believe I am typing this. I am so irritated I can feel myself grinding my teeth.
We found out this week that my debit card number was obtained by a hacker and that hacker wiped out our bank account. And more. 

Now it didn’t take much to wipe us out. This person. This individual lives in Great Britain. I don’t blame the Queen a bit. But you would think that if my debit card made purchases in Great Britain I could have been at least been there to enjoy the experience. 

Anybody else go through this? It’s a nightmare. 

Thankfully, we will eventually have our funds returned to us, but not after several bills go by unpaid.

You can see I’ve been on the edge. 

Yesterday I was wound so tight that I was snappy. Snippy. And just plain Grumpy (sorry..those are not “B” words). 

Josiah looked at me at one point and said, “Mom. You are just a bit (hesitation)…You are just worrying me some.” 

I had to stop. What was I doing? We all have our bad days, but this poor boy had nothing to do with the bruise on my sternum nor the purchase of $111.000 from Game Over in Great Britain (in addition to several extravagant online shopping sprees).

A few weeks ago, we were discussing gratitude. We talked about being thankful and blessed in every situation and that even when things seemed to be falling apart, God was still Able. There was always something to be thankful about. 

We both decided to start a Blessing’s  Journal. Josiah’s blessings have mostly concerned his X-box (refurbished by an uncle), his PS2 (given to him by his Grandma) and his guitar (given to him by his Ama (other Grandma) with a reminder that I needed to pick up new strings. 

He has also been thankful for a Wendy’s Frosty and the whole Star Wars Franchise. 

Yesterday. When I looked back at my own sighs, tears and snippy words, I realized I hadn’t been taking my own advice. I wasn’t following the lesson plan. 

So. This is what my Blessing's  Journal listed today. 

1.      I am thankful that we have fraud protection.
2.      I am thankful that my bruise is healing nicely and I didn’t have to visit the doctor.
3.      I am thankful for my sweet family.
4.      I am thankful that God reminds me who He is. And that He is Able!
5.      I am thankful for chocolate. In any form.
6.      I am thankful that I have the opportunity to grow and that I can earnestly pray for those who have hurt me. And that I am able to forgive.

I have a feeling that tomorrow’s Blessing’s Journal will probably look the same.

Be Blessed! 

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  1. Funny how those cards can make trips without us -- my credit card apparently visited Argentina a few years back (and I didn't even get a dumb T shirt out of it). We love visiting The Butterfly House (which I did not use for B in own ABC blogging across Missouri series).

  2. Argentina! That is wild. This was our first visit to The Butterfly House. We actually live in Springfield and The Butterfly Palace is closer (Branson), but I think pricey. We have a little Butterfly House here, but it's not nearly as big.


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