Friday, May 30, 2014

E is for Encouragment

This picture is a special one. My Great Aunt Nadine is a resident at the nursing home. She is Josiah's Great Aunt. Josiah is absolutely smitten. He says she's "cute."

For several years now we have been volunteering at a Nursing Home in Joplin.

It's an hour a way from us so our trips are not as frequent as we would like. But when we go we spend all day. My mom has worked there for some time and always has lots of ways for us to be involved.

Every few months are so we also have the church service on a Sunday afternoon.

Josiah has just assumed that the residents he has known over the years are just part of his family.

He has called Bingo, helped paint fingernails, participated in Art Class, served ice cream and has caught a ride on a power chair or two.

Josiah's taking a knitting class. He's a Renaissance man.

I never had his ease in a Nursing Home when I was child.  Any kind of suffering distressed me...and sometimes seeing folks at the end of their lives is tough.

Josiah is unfazed. He pats weathered hands, smiles brightly and lets those the ladies ply with him treats and the old men pass him quarters.

Isn't it funny.

We take pride in what we do for others.

This sweet lady is turning 97 in June. She is spry She also calls Josiah "her boy."

We pat ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves in the midst of our good works.

The truth is that these lovely people have done more for us than we could ever do for them.

These folks have done so much living. They have seen so much. Experienced things I can't even imagine.

When we go...I doubt the encouragement we give is even half as much as we are given.

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