Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sorry. Wrong Number

Somebody in my area has a similar number to my  cell. I know this because I keep getting calls for "Chris."

As far as I know, Chris doesn't live at my house. And frankly, Chris needs to get a life. And possibly some different friends.

This past week, I received a call from one of Chris' buddies. Well. Kinda.

I actually received a call from the Greene County Jail. It was an automated call telling me that someone "enter name here" wanted to talk to me. Or mostly likely, Chris. I didn't really catch the name. Or it didn't seem familiar. One of the two.

I hung up. Obviously.

And then I got to thinking. What if it was actually someone I knew? What if it was a child of a friend who needed to call me instead of a parent? What if it were a relative?

I first thought of my brother (sorry, Ryan). Not that he is in the habit of frequenting the Green County Jail, but his luck kind of runs in odd encounters and he seems to attract strange people. After all, there was that time that a guy was murdered in the house behind him.

Thankfully, I had just talked to my brother moments before. He was neither victim nor convict.

So after feeling momentarily panicked that maybe the call from jail wasn't for Chris, I decided if it was anybody I knew....maybe a night in the pokey would do them some good.

Here is a bit of advice. First of all, if you know "Chris" will you please tell him to give his friends somebody else's number or at least his own.

And. Don't waste your one free call on me from the Greene County Jail. I will probably think you belong to Chris.

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