Tuesday, September 23, 2014

An Update

This is just a little note from my corner of the universe.
This week in the Ozarks is gawgeous.
I had a bit of a “oh no! what have I done!” moment on Saturday.
The mailman knocked on my front door with a lovely package with something in it to review. At the time I was perched on the couch with my laptop. I am not even sure what I was doing. Something vital to the health and vitality of my family (I’m sure of it). When he knocked I jumped and my laptop when sliding off into the floor.
I busted it.
When I took it in to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, the young man mournfully told me that it would be cheaper to replace the thing.
We didn’t buy a warranty plan on it.
I don’t know if any of you are fans of “Chuck.” It was the series on television about the “accidental spy” who worked at a store called Buy More…which was supposed to be like a Best Buy.
I do have to admit that my overactive imagination did a bit of overtime. What if the CIA actually had a secret operation right there at my Best Buy? Does the CIA even allow their agents to wear those big ole ear plugs. You know the ones. They look like the ends of their earlobes have been stretched over bottle caps.
Back to my computer.
I’m currently using The Muffin’s desk top. Josiah also uses it. Which means he has come in every 5 minutes asking if he can look up some sort of football thing on Youtube.
What is this football you speak of?
I don’t know how I manage to be living with such sports fanatics. I really could care less.
Anyhoo. We are getting the computer thing taken care of. Hopefully.
I started my week off right. The Studly Muffin woke me up early Monday morning and we headed to the Y.
It was great to get my workout out of the way.
I didn’t have a million excuses to think of that early in the morning.
In better news, Bertha the Buick is fixed. Did I mention I have been without my car for 2 weeks?
That, my friends, is a whole saga in itself.
The remainder of the week holds some fun for us. Josiah and I are going with some friends on a field trip to the George Washington Carver National Monument. We have been several times. It actually is one of the best national parks we’ve been to. And it’s free! Our friends have never been so we feel like we are showing them around one of our favorite places.
Then we are going to head into Joplin and spend a little time volunteering at the Nursing Home. It’s actually something Josiah loves to do.
Well. That’s about all I have. Actually, I do have more. However, someone is anxious to look up some sort of football thingie.  

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