Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finding the Light (at the end of the tunnel)

Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks? 

Of course you have. You are human.

Whenever one of THOSE weeks happen to me I am always amused with the train of thought that undoubtedly runs through my mind. 

“I will be glad when this week is over.” 

Like a change in the calendar date is going to make a difference. 

I might do my share of complaining, but ultimately I am a Miss Susie Sunshine.

I can generally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Be it a dim and flickering pin point of a light.

Let’s face it. There are things that just aren’t going to be fixed here on earth. However, there can be something good that comes out of a bad situation. 

This post is not to explain my philosophy of life. 

This post is to do a bit of whining. And then to find the blessing in the trial. Take, for example, the past few weeks. 

My car died outside of Pizza Hut a few weeks ago. I couldn’t get it started. I couldn’t reach my husband (who couldn’t have driven over anyway because our other car is broken). Josiah and I had to pile on our luggage we had used for the weekend away, 1 large pepperoni pizza, 1 medium barbeque beef pizza, 1 cheese personal pizza and an order of breadsticks (I had gotten some free stuff), my computer bag and suitcase of a purse. We walked the almost 4 blocks home. We stopped only long enough for Josiah to grab a piece of pizza. I’m not a complete tyrant. 

I might have grumbled a bit (and shed a few tears), but at least I was only 4 blocks from home. And though I couldn’t walk the next day, at least I got in my workout (be it for the rest of the week). And I didn’t have to cook supper when we got home. 

Our microwave hasn’t worked for the past month. When it does start up, it makes strange alien noises and we are threatened with a nuclear meltdown every time we attempt to pop microwave popcorn.  There are worse things in the world that not having a microwave. Though it is a bit inconvenient to pop microwave popcorn without the microwave. Baby Sister brought me an extra microwave that had been sitting in her garage. Here is the thing. She lives in Okkkla-homa. I never get to see her. Like ever. It just so happened that we had a family reunion last weekend. She brought the microwave with her. Last night I popped microwave popcorn for the first time in a million years. 

Could I have survived without a microwave? Absolutely. Some of you actually don’t have a microwave on purpose. 

The Studly Muffin got really ill after he rode the BikeMS. He was feeling puny before the ride. He pushed himself in Studly Muffin fashion and rode the 150 miles. Unfortunately, puny turned into bronchitis and he missed several days of work last week. Even though I didn’t want him to suffer I think he needed the time off. He did spend much of the week with Kleenex stuffed up his nose and coughing up vital organs. We got some together time (especially because Bertha the Buick was playing possum). We hung out in the living room and watched umpteen episodes of Chuck on Netflix. 

I realize that my examples are pretty shallow considering the trials that some of you are facing. I’ve been there too. A devastating diagnoses. Loss. Financial woes. Anxiety. Fear. Discouragement.
Regardless of what I’ve faced there has always been a bright spot in the midst of the trial. It might take me a little longer to find it, but it’s there. 

I’ve become more creative because of financial difficulties. I have become more compassionate because of the things I have suffered. Sometimes the only light at the end of the tunnel is a promise from His Word. And you know what? That is all we need. 

This past week I received tangible reminders of God’s faithfulness. The microwave from Baby Sister. A friend brought over a cooler of goodies. Little Brother supplied my freezer with meat. An unexpected opportunity to earn some extra money. Some wonderful products to review. Even that pair of red and black cowboy boots that were passed along to me gave me pause to smile and count my blessings. 

One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:19. 

My God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus. 

I don’t think that this verse entitles me to riches untold. I believe that God has already filled my every need through his son, Jesus. Salvation. The other small, but significant blessings in my life are because He loves me. He wants me to rely on Him and not my own abilities or resources.

My assignment this week has been to focus less on my lack and more on His provision. Our biggest trials can produce His greatest victories.

What will I find at the end of that tunnel? It is always Him. And whats more, God doesn't leave me to walk through the tunnel alone. He is Faithful!

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