Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Night

I think it's time for a few random thoughts. I haven't expressed any in quite some time.

Run. Run while you can. There is still time.

I'm feeling especially random this evening.

1. I found the picture that is posted above on my camera. I was downloading pictures I had taken on a field trip we went on to the George Washington Carver National Monument. I'm not sure, but I think Josiah is making a movie. I hate to even ask who this guy is playing.

2. So the whole family has upped our workout game. The Muffin has been escorting me to the Y 3 days a week early in the morning. He isn't able to get on his bike as often and he wants to keep his cycling mojo. I gained like 10-15 pounds living it up this summer and need to get the weight loss train moving again. Josiah just likes to go to flirt with the ladies. This week he met an 84-year-old doll who is originally from France. Oo-La-La!

3. The Muffin and I also celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday. We haven't exactly celebrated yet. I did make a cake for our fellowship after church on Sunday evening. You can't get more harty party than me and the Muffin. Next year I might even spring for some ice cream.

I do have to brag on the man a bit. He cleaned our bedroom for me as a surprise for our anniversary.  You don't understand. Our bedroom looked like the backroom of one my favorite thrift stores. It was completely stressing me out. I was so touched I cried. He even found my favorite pair of stretchy pants. This is a good man. Some girls might like flowers. I fall to pieces when somebody else changes the sheets on my bed.

4. Josiah is deep into swim team practices. Yesterday I took a whole bunch of review materials I had just received to swim team practice with me. Most parents just bring a book. I'm seriously trying to multi-task. I'm also considering taking all my bath taking stuff and hitting the showers tomorrow night. I only wish there was someway I could get a few dishes done during swim team practice. Somebody needs a chill pill.

5. My Car. I have affectionately named her Bertha the Buick. She is obviously a Buick. I could have named her O Wretched Vehicle Who Doesn't Have Heating or Air. But that's a mouthful. For the past month, The Studly Muffin and I have had car drama. His Ford stopped working. Then Bertha broke down at the Pizza Hut. Strangely, both cards needed new fuel pumps. 'Cause we have to do things in a big way around here. Both cars are fixed now. At least for the time being. You can't drive old cars for too long without something going wrong. I'm just happy to have wheels again.

This week Bertha started making squeaky noises. I tried to describe them to my brother and my husband. You can imagine how that worked out.Then The Muffin took Bertha for a drive. Wouldn't you know she didn't squeak once?

6. I broke my computer. Literally. Nuff said.

7. We had to purchase a new one.

8. That's the way I roll.

9. Is it strange that my son likes to watch Newshour on PBS? His favorite is Judy Woodruff. I should mention that he will be 13 next month. He has talked about Judy for a few years now. I just had to wrestle the remote away. I am deep into a "Chuck" marathon on Netflix. News. Who needs it.

10. I have started writing a book of reflections and thoughts. I promise not to mention Dr. Who, Downton Abby or Chuck. Maybe. I can't guarantee any of that. I am sure the world is waiting for my thoughts on Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth and the rest. This book will be less random. I never wanted to write the great novel. I'm not that deep.

11. That's all I've got. Actually, what I do have is a sink full of dishes. These people in my house think that they need to eat on them. Can you even imagine?

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